The Power of Business Intelligence.
The Flexibility of a Spreadsheet.

Let’s be honest, even with the most powerful business intelligence tools most finance professionals
will always need the extra flexibility provided by spreadsheets to be able to
analyse, report and comment on business performance within tight deadlines.

While Unit4 Financials provides an excellent add-in for MS Excel, called CODA-XL many larger organisations have encountered issues around performance degradation, reliance on changes being made in Financials and an increase in operational risk inherent in formula driven applications. This has led many down other reporting routes such as using a Finance Mart or the deployment of BI tools.

However, these solutions bring their own problems often creating an unnecessary layer of complexity with subsequent increases in operational risk and after all that the data being reported on isn’t real-time, the result is a frustrated finance team still struggling to report within tight timelines 

FastClose is an easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy, real-time operational reporting and enquiry solution that works directly off the table information in the Unit4 Financials database, so facilitating real-time reporting via MS Excel.

FastClose sits on the same server as Unit4 Financials and turns the database into a virtual, in-memory OLAP that can be easily interrogated so overcoming the restrictions that some organisations have hit using CODA-XL. This allows their finance users to access all the key information they require in the Unit4 Financials Masters, Balances and Transactions tables and expose whatever is needed as rows and columns within their spreadsheets. 

A click/drag and drop User Interface ensures that reports and month end reporting packs are easy for the finance teams to create, maintain and amend and puts the control over reporting firmly back in their hands. Deployment of in memory, OLAP technology means that performance is excellent even in very high data volume sites.

FastClose can be installed in less than an hour and thanks to the intuitive nature of its design finance teams can start creating reports and enquiries as soon as the installation has finished. Key information that previously might have been hard to find is now just a mouse click away and you’ll soon be fully up to speed with guidance from Millennium’s Consulting team and the help of FastClose’s online training videos. 

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