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Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory landscape is shifting as firms face ever-tighter standards. We help you understand and navigate these changes.

Finance Transformation

We help firms across various industries design the blueprints and source the solutions for their future state finance architecture.

Business Change

From tactical and day-to-day projects to long-term strategic programs, we work with firms to deliver meaningful business change.

The Role of Finance is Changing

Finance is changing. CFOs are under constant pressure to provide strategic insights to their organisations to help make better decisions. The role of the CFO and the finance team has moved far beyond the operational tasks that have been historically expected of them. Now there is a requirement for them to support their business with value creating analysis. The finance team needs to become a trusted business partner.

Finance transformation allows such change to take place leading to the adoption of new technology and process improvement while at the same time supporting organisational and cultural change. It can involve streamlining, simplifying, and optimising existing processes, freeing up bandwidth and devoting less resources to transactional processing and reporting. This can result in enhanced decision-making capabilities so that by leveraging data and boosting analytics capabilities, transformation can enable the CFO to become a true strategic business partner.


Designing the Future of the Finance Function

We help you reimagine your finance architecture, create a thriving digital culture and unlock the power of your data. Our proven approach provides a framework for designing, building and sustaining a world-class global finance organisation.


We work with you to define the problem, make the case for change and create a roadmap.


From planning and resourcing to stakeholder buy-in, we help you turn ambition into reality.


We develop the processes and source the solutions required to meet your project needs.


We help you to implement new systems and solutions, from deployment to documentation.


Our experts provide dedicated support and user training once your solution goes live.

Business Change

The financial crisis of 2008 fundamentally changed the playing field for the financial service industry and since then banks and insurance companies have spent hundreds of millions achieving regulatory compliance. In the insurance world for example IRFS 17 compliance will be at the forefront of insurance companies global thinking until 2023. Designed to achieve the goal of a consistent, principle-based accounting for insurance contracts IRFS17 has obliged companies to integrate data from across their organisation to create a single version of the truth. However, the “golden source” data created not only allow organisations to meet regulatory obligations but allows them to mine data in previously unavailable ways. It is a classic case of the law of unintended consequences.

We are firm advocates of mining these opportunities and believe the work that is needed to comply can offer up once in a lifetime opportunity. In achieving compliance how many organisations use this opportunity to become disrupters, digitise their processes or fundamentally change their business model.

So, whether your opportunities are driven by regulatory compliance or from the desire to become the best at what you do our consultants are here to help you. They are all seasoned financial markets professionals with deep domain expertise in financial markets, be it products, market mechanisms or the business and regulatory drivers that are shaping the industry. We work with many of the world’s leading financial markets and insurance companies helping them to define, manage and deliver the change they need to maintain market leadership.


Delivering Successful Change Projects

Business change is not just about long-term, strategic programmes. It is also driven by day-to-day projects and tactical reactions to market challenges. We work closely with business areas and PMO teams to deliver in all areas, empowering you to improve customer experience and take advantage of technologies like the Internet of Everything.

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