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The summer solstice has passed but there is still plenty to look forward to this summer as Covid restrictions ease. The sporting calendar is packed with a phased return to in person attendance at events such as the Euros, Wimbledon and The Open golf.

With lockdown reducing and the government expected to advise on a phased return to the office, the second half of 2021 looks promising as the UK economy rebounds and returns to growth.

We are pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Hennessy IT Consulting

We have created a strategic alliance with Unit4 ERP Premier Partner Hennessy IT Consulting to deliver Unit4 ERP and FP&A software and services.

Millennium Consulting CEO, Philip Keet states that “The Millennium and Hennessy alliance will combine the strength of our companies, allowing us to be a focused delivery implementor, combining the Millennium’s expertise and customer-centric capabilities currently provided for Unit4 Financials to drive excellence in Unit4 ERP software and services delivery”.

Strategic Alliance with Hennessy IT

We sign a partnership agreement with Diesis

Millennium partnership with Diesis

Joining forces and sharing expertise, that is what the partnership between Millennium Consulting and the Dutch consultancy Diesis is all about.

Tino Wendriks, Managing Director at Diesis added: “Just like Diesis, Millennium can also call upon many years of knowledge and experience, both functional and technical. Our co-operation will lead to a further strengthening of both our positions in the Unit4 Financials market. Whereby we can help each other in supporting our international clients!”

We look forward to a successful partnership and continuing and deepening our support of the Unit4 customer base.

Our 2021 Golf Day is fast approaching!

The 2nd of July is almost upon us, how quickly has that come around?

Our 2021 Golf Day is set to be a great day, with all proceeds for the day going towards Raising Futures Kenya.

We have been a long-term supporter of Raising Futures Kenya, having been involved for over 17 years. In 2020 the Covid pandemic severely affected the organisation with reduced amounts of funds raised as the world descended into lockdown and the need to stay at home prevented face-to-face student training.

Millennium 2021 Golf Day

Photo of Chris Peall

Say hello to Chris Peall!

We have started our new Employee Spotlight series, a chance for you to meet the faces behind Millennium Consulting.

We asked Chris a few questions, such as the weirdest food he has eaten, 🐱 or 🐶, go-to karaoke song – all the hard-hitting questions!

  • What is one professional skill you are currently working on?

Product Management. Being accountable for all our products is a huge task. So much time and passion go into the development of our products, and for our customers, they are a critical part of realising their business goals.

  • How do you prefer to start your day?

Straight into the shower, followed by breakfast, a large cup of Yorkshire Tea (builders!), and then I hit the ground running with work. There is nothing like starting a new day to get the creative juices flowing.

  • Dogs or cats?

Dogs, although I like all animals. I have two dogs, Frodo is a Lab/Collie cross, and Pan is a Whippet/Greyhound/Collie cross. I prefer dogs as they provide a great excuse to go for a long walk in the country every day.

  • Go-to karaoke song?

I would not wish to inflict the sound of my singing on anyone. I love music and sing to myself, but I am utterly without musical talent. I have a very wide-ranging taste in music; from classical, Viking death metal, rock, pop you name it.

  • Weirdest food you have ever eaten?

Many years of army life has seen me eat pretty much everything. The weirdest though was when I was in the Arctic. We ate what was basically hot jam with porridge oats. It was so dry the oats stuck to the roof of your mouth. I swore I was never going to eat it again and when lockdown happened, I began to fear what was left in my cupboards!

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