MBilling for Unit4 Financials Webinar

Thursday 22nd April 2021 2.00 p.m. GMT

For organisations with simple, low volume invoicing needs, using Microsoft Excel, Word, or a legacy billing system to generate sales invoices is often more than adequate. However, for those organisations that require more complex functionality or need to send out higher volumes of sales invoices, a more comprehensive sales invoicing/billing solution is essential.

Seamlessly integrated into Unit4 Financials, Millennium’s powerful and flexible billing solution, MBilling, supports high data volumes and contains sophisticated billing/sales invoicing functionality including a rules engine, smart algorithms, and data bridging.

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MBilling is also capable of calculating payments, sending payment letters and feeding your Unit4 Financials payment runs. The term Billing is too limited in a sense. We can speak of a full Order2Cash solution, with a substantial role for orders, contracts and agreements, with customers as well as suppliers.

With the subject of Cloud to Cloud getting more relevance and applications, like Unit4 Financials, gradually starting to change location, it’s worth knowing that MBilling is available as a Cloud solution, integrating seamlessly as before, also in mixed forms.

This free webinar continues the series of online themed events that Millennium runs to help ensure your finance department makes better use of Unit4 Financials.