Unit4 Financials Support & Maintenance

Unit4 Financials is one of the most flexible and powerful accounting systems in the world, but like all highly configurable applications, to allow for organisational growth and regulatory changes, it needs application experts to keep the system running, ensure end users are fully supported and make/ implement any configuration changes when required.

Application Support

Free up your key resources, reduce risk and keep up to date with change.

Application Maintenance

Our Application team will work with you to put together a schedule to ensure that all the required maintenance tasks are carried out by either the Millennium Service Desk Applications team, or your own team with our support.

Technical Support

If your system goes down, or becomes unresponsive, runs slowly or interfaces fail, our technical team can be remoted onto your system within minutes to investigate

The benefits:

Optimised headcount usage

Improved business focus

Immediate support for all modules from an Elite Unit4 Partner

Reduced operational costs

Increased expertise (250+ years of experience)

Business process streamlining

Discover our products designed to enhance your Unit4 Financials processes.

Next Steps

If you are interested in Millennium’s Service Desk, we will work with you to assess your support requirement. This helps identify how many hours of support per month you require and if you require just a few hours to help your team out when they need it, or if you require a fully outsourced support team, or somewhere in between.

Submit your details and one of our service desk team will be in touch.