Data is the lifeblood of any organisation. Yet too often its value is overlooked. Many organisations will happily pay for state-of-the-art business intelligence tools but more often than not forget the output from these tools is only as good as the input supplied it’s the old “garbage in garbage” out scenario.

For the last 25yrs, we have been helping clients across all industries grapple with the complexity of managing and cleansing their data whether it be migrating data across systems or integrating new companies we have seen the good the bad and the ugly.

Based on our experience we have brought together our functional and development arms to formalise our knowledge in one place, in Data Bridge. We call it Simplifying Complexity.

We Keep Your Data Flowing

Our solutions can streamline your business, creating – for example – an ecosystem around your ledger software. They help you to manage the data flowing through your business and into your accounting process.


From deduplication to standardisation, we help you improve the quality of the data going into your ledger system.


We give you more efficient methods to capture data from across your business and push it into accounting.


We reduce the effort involved in capturing your accounting output and reconciling it with your original source data.


A Five Step Plan for Effective Data Usage

From data quality to auditability, follow these five steps to streamline your finance function and manage the data flowing through your organisation:


Data is Normalised to ensure consistency, Duplications removed, and storage field names Standardised to remove inefficiencies and inaccuracies.


Data is Mapped and Validated across different systems accounting structures, then prepared for Loading into the accounting process.


Once data is loaded, check at Account and Transaction level that postings in the source and target systems match the invoice.


Managing ledger source systems interfaces is resource intensive, Validation of trace errors and Communication of potential issues is critical.


The ability to Schedule tasks, with Analytics on system outliers, and Localisation for local rules and standards reduces global inefficiencies.

Data Management and Business Process Automation

From mapping to loading, the processes involved in migrating data to your business systems are complex and resource-intensive – especially when dealing with information from multiple sources. There is no way to guarantee the accuracy of these processes when reliant on manual techniques to complete the task.

Our Migration Manager solution takes care of this for you, streamlining the journey from data source to target system.


Managing the systems that interface with your ledger can be a frustrating and time-consuming task – often requiring input from your IT department. You need the ability to run or schedule interfaces, monitor logs and change configurations easily and efficiently.

Interface Manager gives you a simple way to control all your existing ledger integrations and build new extensions.


Just because you have cleansed and loaded your data onto your ledger system, does not mean it is ready for use. You have to be sure that your data output exactly matches the information flowing into your accounting process from across the business.

Our Reconciliation Manager gives you an efficient and effective way to guarantee accuracy by comparing high-level dataflows and transaction-level postings.


Different countries have different rules and standards to follow when it comes to your accounting process. The way you lodge invoices can change depending on where you are in the world, while each country has its own reporting requirements and government guidelines to follow. This is made more difficult if your ledger system doesn’t feature international languages in its interface.

Localisation Manager takes the local complexity out of global accounting processes, reducing the resources needed to manage regional regulations.


To see the bigger picture for your business, you need to transform disparate sources of financial data into actionable insights in real-time. You need optimised processes that integrate with your ledger system – removing the duplication of effort and errors involved with manual tasks.

Our powerful Analytics Manager gives you the tools to delve into the detail of your data and gain the intelligence that drives results.


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