Review and Recommendations 

Users of Unit4 Financials seldom make full use of the functionality available and therefore a Health Check/System Review can identify where changes can be made to enhance performance and ensure the software is being used more effectively.

The review is performed by one of Millennium’s experienced Principal Consultants who investigates the current technical set-up, business processes and operational performance. A detailed report is subsequently produced which documents their findings and makes short, medium and long term recommendations for improving the use of the software.

How it works

Provisional Itinerary

We arrange a provisional itinerary with you and agree a convenient date to carry out the review. The review requires access to key stakeholders from your Finance and IT teams and can be conducted either onsite or remotely depending on individual requirements.


The time needed for the system review depends on complexity and which Unit4 Financials modules are being used but typically takes between 2 days (1 on-site and 1 day write-up) and 4 days (2 on-site and 2 days write-up).

The Report

The report provides options to make greater use of the software’s functionality, improve business processes, reporting, integration and increase user knowledge. It also provides the information necessary to deliver support and create a project plan if required.

The 4 day review

Day 1

Business Process Workshop followed by meetings with relevant stakeholders/users.

Day 2

System and processes review with the System Manager in line with Day 1 meetings.

Day 3

The Systems Review Report is produced which covers everything discussed and identified in Day 1 and Day 2 and provides solution options for each issue and short, medium and long term recommendations. This report is then distributed by email and hard copy.

Day 4

This normally takes place one or two weeks later, once all relevant parties have reviewed the report. This day typically consists of stakeholder meetings to run through the report in detail, answer questions, define strategy and compile a high level project plan.

Ian Macleod is a Unit4 Financials customer with over 15 years’ experience of Financials and Assets. Recently we added Procurement and Invoice Matching modules to dramatically improve control of service spends.


The Unit 4 suite is upgraded when our package ERP system evolution permits. I suspect, like many users, we have not made full use of all new relevant functionality. Following Millennium Consulting successful implementation of Unit4 Travel & Expenses, we decided to undertake a thorough Unit4 Financials Systems, Process and Strategy Audit.


Millennium delivered a comprehensive report recommending a significant number of enhancements to our processes together with recommendations improving ease of use. As a result of Millennium’s guidance, we have accessed substantial efficiency gains and reduced operational risk, especially so with our P2P process. Although we are very familiar with Unit 4’s financial modules, Millennium were able to demonstrate functionality that we were completely unaware of.


I would strongly recommend Millennium’s Systems Audit service; the changes we have now implemented are producing significant long term commercial and operational benefit. Millennium were the vital catalyst for the advances we now enjoy.

Mike Younger – Financial Director Ian Macleod Distillers

What is the Output of the Systems Review

The output is a report with detailed recommendations which then can become a client’s “Unit4 Financials improvement roadmap” for the coming months and years ahead.

The recommendations are split into short, medium and long term improvements and cover the 3 key aspects of making your Unit4 Financials system a success – People, Process and Technology.

Note that there is no obligation for a client to proceed with all (or any of them) but going through this process and formally setting out this roadmap helps clients better understand how to best move things along to gain optimal performance from their finance system.

What if I just want to do an “as is “upgrade?

As well as highlighting operational improvements, the Review also looks at the technical landscape and provides recommendations on which version of Unit4 Financials clients should upgrade to, giving guidance on when they should upgrade and outlining how to move forward with the upgrade.

Whilst some clients may only wish to upgrade on an “as is” basis, (for  example to ensure they continue on a supported software versions) we often find that the Review identifies other changes  that are either required for the upgrade process or may bring considerable improvement to “as is” processes if implemented as part of the upgrade.

For these reasons we would recommend that clients still undertake a Millennium System Review if the main thrust behind the project is a pure Technical Upgrade.

Jordans Furniture is a furniture retailer in New England, USA. We implemented version 12 of Unit4 Financials in 2013 and recently upgraded to version 15 from version 14 with the help of Millennium Consulting.


At the time of the upgrade Millennium suggested we arrange a Unit4 Financials Systems, Process and Strategy Audit to ensure we took full advantage of the new features available in versions 14 and 15.


Millennium were not only able to demonstrate the new features and how to incorporate them into the business but were able to resolve application issues that had existed for many years. In their comprehensive report they identified process improvements that led to efficiency gains and reduced operational risk. Millennium were also able to write a comprehensive metadata report for the invoice matching team to improve the matching process.


I would not hesitate to recommend Millennium Consulting and their Financial Systems, Process and Strategy Audit as a valuable tool to rationalise and enhance the way you use Unit4 Financials.


Steve Wholley, Chief Financial Officer, Jordans Furniture

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