Cash flow has never been more important to a businesses’ financial position than now. However, managing billing to optimise cash flow too often involves manual processing that slows down the billing process and opens the process up to errors. Aligning finance and operations with the right digital billing solution can help companies improve operational control and improve cash flow.

The Unit4 Financials billing module allows you to improve billing time and accuracy by helping create the following business outcomes:

  • Improved cash flow management
  • Reduced operational risks as outmoded billing process are retired
  • Reduced administrative overheads
  • Improved visibility over actual and forecast billing
  • Improved customer satisfaction as billing accuracy improves
  • Fully configurable approval hierarchy
  • Powerful BI tools allowing detailed billing analysis

As a core module of Unit4 Financials the application can be fully integrated across your busines and finance teams improving processing speed and allowing oversight to be placed in the hands of those that with the necessary knowledge to improve approval speed.

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