Unit4 Financials 2020 Webinar

With twenty key new features and fixes included in the latest version of Unit4 Financials, we arranged a webinar with our Principal Consultant, Phil Leaf.

During this webinar, Phil explains the key new features including Element Authorisation and Anonymous Change Log and demos the changes to Year End including the Provisional Year End and Year End Undo.

This free webinar continues the series of Unit4 Financial events Millennium is running and will contribute to ensuring you operate an efficient finance function.

Recorded live on Thursday 24th September 2020. Rewatch, on demand below.

V2020 latest features include:

Element Authorisation

Give authorisers more information when approving accounts by displaying elements during a workflow authorisation.

Provisional Year End

Perform all your Year End processes without closing the year - allowing you to continue posting to that year.

Anonymise Change Log

Make GDPR compliance simpler, removing personally identifiable information from history and audit trail records.

Undo Year End

You can now undo both provisional and full Year End processes, giving you greater control and flexibility in your finance function.


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