August 2022
Does your 2023 proposed budget include your Unit4 Financials infrastructure?
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As the budgeting season for 2023 gets underway now is the ideal time to turn your attention to your finance ecosystem to determine what changes would like to make for the rest of the year and into 2023.

Areas for improvement:

Process automation

Do you operate manual processes that could be automated thereby saving time and reducing operational risk?


Would you like to upgrade to the latest software release so you can use the latest functionality available?

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If your team are unfamiliar with the functionality provided by the latest version of Financials then maybe some training would help?


Are you considering moving to the Cloud to reduce your on-premise technology footprint?


Are you considering migrating to Unit4 ERP or ERPx? If you are, then we can provide advice and support you on the journey.


In today’s uncertain times, forward planning is essential and Unit4’s Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) product allows you to forecast multiple scenarios.

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Streamline operations

Why not outsource Support & Maintenance so your team can focus on what they do best?

Whether your journey in 2023 is to continue with Unit4 Financials or to upgrade to ERP or ERPx, we are here to support you.

Why choose Millennium for Unit4 Financials?

We are an Elite Unit4 Partner with more than 27 years of experience working with Unit4 Financials. That means we have the knowledge and experience to design, implement and support the right Unit4 Financials solution for your business.

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