Managing & Delivering Organisational Change

We work with you to integrate your new solutions and practices into your organisational culture and operations, ensuring that your transformation and change is fully adopted, maintained and sustained.

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How it works:

Stage 1

Future proof your strategy

Beyond your financial architecture, your people are both your greatest asset and biggest challenge in change. From the conception of your change strategy to post implementation and measuring success, we work with you to stress test your strategy from a people perspective and identify how you can ensure that your change and transformation is championed and embraced.

Stage 2

Ensure awareness and desire

We work with you to ensure that all your stakeholders understand the need for the change. Building a strong desire among your people to participate in and support the change. This can involve motivational strategies, incentives, and addressing any concerns or resistance to the change.

Stage 3

Encourage ability and competency

Change often fails because people feel unprepared, or unskilled or lacking in knowledge – or all of these things. They hold on hard to what is known and comfortable. We work to ensure that you train and educate your people so that they feel competent in adopting the new practices.

Stage 4

Reinforce the change

Ensuring that the change is sustained over time requires continuous support, feedback mechanisms, and recognising successes. We help you with the strategies to ensure that your new practices become the new normal including the introduction of Champions Networks and other inclusive activities.

Value added

Throughout these stages, we will help you to think critically and diversely, using established critical thinking processes, in order that your decisions are more inclusive, bias free and even more effective. That in navigating the complexity of change, you can be confident in your decision making.

Finally, it’s important to remember that embedding change is a process, not an event. It requires patience, persistence, and consistent effort.

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