Cyberattacks are inevitable, is your company prepared?

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Why choose us to support your cybersecurity?

We have been helping businesses with the impact of technology change for almost 30 years; during that time, we have built a great depth of knowledge on how businesses handle the ever-growing cybersecurity threats and associated regulations.

Tailored to your business

Whether you need help through the first steps of introducing a Cybersecurity program or require a trusted partner to review your process, we can match your needs.

Regulation ready

EU, USA and UK regulations are expanding; we can help you understand if you need to be compliant and what you must do.

Resilience first

You can not always stop incidents from happening, so we offer a resilience review to help you look for the single points of failure that could bring your business down.

In case of emergency...

We offer a Disaster Recovery Manual for common incidents and emergencies tailored to your business, built with expertise from information security and 15 years of real-world front-line emergency handling.

Implementation journey

It does not matter what stage of your cybersecurity implementation journey, we can support you.

Unsure how you should be protecting your business or if you need to start complying with regulations.

Basic Cyber Assessment: This will pinpoint if you need to start complying with new regulatory standards (for example NIS2) and if you should implement a cybersecurity framework in your organisation.

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We can support you through the process of introducing cybersecurity in your organisation. Without cybersecurity expertise in your organisation, buying the right products and employing the right people can be confusing and result in costly mistakes.

Cybersecurity Expertise: One-time or ongoing cybersecurity expertise for procurement of human resources, services and products.

Cyber Resilience Review: An in-depth review of your business to determine if you could return essential operations during a cyber attack, system or service failure.

Emergency Response Guidance: As a bolt-on to the cyber resilience review, we can produce bespoke emergency guides covering most major cyberattacks and system and service failures. Giving step-by-step guidance to help reduce the damage to your business.

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Updating your cybersecurity policy, reviewing your systems or preparing for the worst-case scenarios, we are here for you if you need additional support.

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ISO status

ISO 9001
ISO 27001

(AKAS accredited) 

We have been awarded ISO 27001 certification, recognised worldwide as the standard for information security management.

ISO 27001 certification provides our clients with the confidence that they will be defended against potential data system vulnerabilities as we operate a robust set of information security controls and undertake regular checks for threats and vulnerabilities.

As well as being ISO 27001 certified we have also been awarded ISO 9001 certification which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing a high-quality service, effective cost management and timely delivery to customers whilst at the same time anticipating their needs.

We will continue to review management systems, policies and information security management processes to achieve our ongoing objective of providing the highest quality service to our clients.

To ensure we maintain ISO status, we will continue to invest in our people, the technology we use and our operational processes so we can best serve you, our customers.

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Why choose Millennium?

We have the knowledge and experience needed to design, implement, optimise and support an appropriate solution for your organisation.


We provide strategic advice, identifying the systems and processes that would benefit from updating/automation.


We deliver end-to-end project solutions, helping you adapt to continuous change to achieve competitive advantage.

Complementary software

Our experienced team can implement additional complementary software to enhance your system.

Ongoing support

We provide individually tailored support either as part of a formal plan or on an ad-hoc basis as required.

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