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From the latest version of Unit4 Financials by Coda to the modules and add-ons that streamline your processes, we are the experts in helping you deliver finance transformation.

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With 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and understanding to design, implement and support the right Unit4 Financials by Coda solution for your business.


With our extensive experience in financial and business transformation, we possess the knowledge and skills to implement Unit4 Financials by Coda effectively.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every organisation is unique. Our highly collaborative approach ensures we design and implement solutions tailored to your business needs and priorities.

Ongoing Support

From advisory services to implementation and ongoing support, we offer comprehensive assistance throughout the entire project lifecycle, ensuring your success in adopting Unit4 Financials by Coda.

Delivering the Finance Function of the Future

Cloud Migration

Moving your operations to the cloud provides your business with improved scalability, flexibility and performance – not to mention cost savings.

Our cloud migration expertise – combined with innovative data cleansing, mapping and reconciliation tools – ensure that your move to the cloud is as efficient and effective as possible.

With effect from 31st December 2024, on-premises Unit4 Financials by Coda will no longer be supported or maintained; learn more.

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Working with the latest systems is an effective way to drive efficiency, futureproof your business and stay ahead of the competition. It’s also the key to avoiding operational risk that can harm productivity and increase margin pressure.

We guide you through the process, helping you to design the blueprints and deliver the Unit4 Financials by Coda solutions that streamline your business.

Millennium’s Systems Review are designed to help you identify areas where you may be able to improve performance and ensure you extract the maximum benefit from your investment in Unit4 Financials by Coda.

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Bespoke development is an effective way to get a better return on your Unit4 Financials by Coda investment, giving you the ability to provide custom screens, custom automation solutions, and integration with third-party software.

Our development team has extensive experience creating tailor-made software solutions for use with Unit4 Financials by Coda.

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A project doesn’t end when it goes live – deployment is just the start. We are here to ensure you get the best from your Unit4 applications, from user training to product support.

Millennium+ provides dedicated support, expert guidance and ongoing maintenance – helping you cut costs, reduce resources and improve performance. You can tailor your Millennium+ package to suit your Unit4 Financials by Coda needs to incorporate any number of our non-service desk offerings, such as Continuous Release upgrades.

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Over time, your Unit4 Financials by Coda system may accumulate high transactional data volumes, often going back many years and this is likely to have a detrimental impact on system performance.

It is therefore advisable to archive older data that is no longer required whilst at the same time ensuring it is easily accessible should the need arise.

Historic data should be securely archived, stored safely and made accessible for audit purposes.

Archiving benefits:

  • Data is typically stored on low performance, high capacity media with lower associated maintenance and operating cost.
  • Archiving removes data from backup routines, reducing their size and eliminating the restoration of unnecessary files.
  • Archiving reduces the ability to modify or lose data.
  • Archiving removes documents from circulation, reducing the chance of cyberattack or malware infection.

In our Unit4 Financials by Coda spotlight series, we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each archiving method, the problems that can arise and how they can be resolved.

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Your business is constantly changing – and so is the finance technology to support it. Upgrading is the most effective way to stay up-to-date with the latest advances and keep your people working productively.

We help you take advantage of new features and functionality, avoid the risk of compatibility issues and cut costs by creating efficient processes.

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When you choose Millennium Consulting, you can be assured of expert guidance, comprehensive solutions, and ongoing support for business success.


Extend and tailor your solution

From order processing to billing, there are numerous processes that have the potential to be more efficient. This takes up time and effort that you could direct towards value-added tasks, rather than manual processes.

We provide a combination of Unit4 and third-party applications that integrate with your system to streamline your processes and cut operational costs.

Engage with the interactive image below:

Unit4 Graphic

Migrate your data between systems or to the Cloud.

Scanning/OCR paper and electronic invoices and post to Unit4 Financials.

Purchase Order Processing for Unit4 Financials.

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Automates the uploading, posting and reconciliation of Bank Statements and Cash/Electronic Receipts.

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AP and AR withholding tax calculator.

Control employee expenses through OCR scanning of expense receipts and have better automated enforcement of your policies.

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Ability to create invoices with simple customisable rules, screens and invoice layouts.

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Enhanced Billing Module for companies with more sophisticated invoicing requirements.

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Automated reconciliation of data post migration.

An effective way to manage and control your interfaces from 3rd Party Systems.

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AP and AR invoice digitalisation for regulatory requirements.

Reporting for complex Regulatory requirements.

Global VAT/Making Tax Digital reporting.

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Comprehensive and cost-effective Group Consolidation and Reporting solution.

Financial Planning & Analysis, Budgeting and Forecasting.

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Microsoft Excel add-in for uploading data and enhanced reporting.

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Purchase Invoice Matching for Unit4 Financials.

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dataBridge enables you to build a more comprehensive data management platform around new and existing systems, giving you quicker integration, faster implementation and reduced risk.

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Flexi Fields was introduced to Unit4 Financials in version 13 and allows the user to create limitless personalised fields and database tables against elements.

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Workflow can be used for purchase orders, and procurement and purchase invoices and invoice matching as well as approving sales or invoices, both in the billing module and Financials.

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Unit4 Financials is a single-ledger accounting system and includes accounts payable.

Unit4 Financials is a single-ledger accounting system and includes accounts receivable.

Assets is part of the Unit4 Financials product suite. 

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Tailored packages to suit your Unit4 Financials by Coda needs

The Millennium+ package can be tailored to each customer’s requirements and can incorporate any number of our non-service desk offerings such as Continuous Release upgrades etc. As part of this latest offering, we now provide a calculator, a tool to gain real-time cost estimate for all your Unit4 Financials by Coda Services.

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Watch our Millennium Unit4 Financials by Coda Feature Spotlight series, which showcases areas of functionality that you may not be familiar with and helps you make better use of the software.

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