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Upgrading Financials is not merely about accessing the new functionality that comes with a new software release. It is also about mitigating technology, operational, and business risk.

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So, what does upgrading offer?

A chance to reduce operational risk and processing cost

There is always a fine balance between process cost and operational risk. By upgrading and accessing new functionality you can simultaneously reduce cost and operational risk.

Access to new functionality

The latest version delivers new functionalities, integrations and legislative updates that can help you drastically improve your business processes allowing your team to spend time on other added value activities.

Unit4 maintenance support

Ensures you remain within the Unit4 supported software window. If you fall outside this window, you may be liable for extended support & maintenance costs.

Protection against new security threats

Upgrading is not purely about accessing new features but ensuring that your system is protected against ongoing and newly emerging security threats.

Are all upgrades the same?

Here is the good news, upgrading is a lot easier than you think it is. At Millennium we offer three types of upgrades but before any upgrade path is identified we recommend that all customers undertake a Systems Review.

The review is designed to help companies identify areas where they can improve performance and ensure they are getting the most out of their investment in Unit4 Financials by Coda. Based on the review outputs and our understanding of what you want to achieve from the upgrade, we can help you identify the most effective route to deliver the upgrade that best suits your needs.

The fastest route to reduce system support cost

Technical upgrade
  • Cost: 🪙
  • Complexity: ⭐
  • Time: 📅
  • Like for Like upgrade
  • Newest release
  • Minimal changes


The most comprehensive route to perform at the highest level

  • Cost: 🪙🪙🪙
  • Complexity: ⭐⭐⭐
  • Time: 📅📅📅
  • All Technical & Functionality features plus:
  • Optimisation of your processes to achieve significant business progress and performance improvements by overhauling your entire finance ecosystem
Did you know...

We are an Elite Unit4 Partner

We are an Elite Unit4 partner and a leading reseller around the world. That means we have the knowledge and experience to design, implement and support the right Unit4 Financials solution for your business. We also make it easy to extend your system, providing additional applications that allow you to augment and tailor your solution to more closely meet your needs.

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How does the upgrade process work?

We follow the Unit4 Implementation Methodology (U4IM), which is used globally for all Unit4 software implementations. The methodology encompasses all the activities that can take place throughout the implementation process and is supported by strong project management controls to ensure successful delivery.
The phases of U4IM are:

Plan/ Design

We agree on the contract with you, then hand the project to our implementation team who set up the project organisation. We perform a business requirement and process review, running workshops with you to create the solution design.


We advise you on the required hardware and infrastructure then build the solution, configuring the relevant elements.


We help you to perform Integrated System Testing and User Acceptance Testing on the elements built in the Build phase.


We deploy the different solution elements, taking care to advise you on and help co-ordinate every aspect from Data Migration to End User Testing.


Around three weeks after the solution goes live, we evaluate the project - assessing deliverables and future plans for development.

Please note: Integration with third-party reporting software such as Cognos, Business Objects and Microsoft SSRS (as well as procurement, billing, and payroll systems) is a key consideration of the upgrade process.

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