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As with most applications, IFS users rarely take full advantage of the functionality available to them. A process review provides the ideal opportunity to identify where changes can be made to enhance performance and ensure the application is being used in a way that maximises its potential.

Undertaken by one of our Senior Consultants the review assesses the current technical setup, business processes and operational efficacy of your system. The findings of this analysis are then documented and any recommendations made are categorised as short, medium- and long-term dependent on the ease of their implementation.

Even the best-run business can face unexpected challenges and issues. It’s important you recognise the signs and understand how to fix these issues.

How it works:

Provisional itinerary

We arrange a provisional itinerary with you and agree a convenient date to conduct the review. The review requires access to key stakeholders from your Finance, IT and Production teams and can be conducted on-site or remotely depending on individual requirements.


We perform a full assessment of your business, identifying what is working well and highlighting any areas you may want to improve. The details are provided in a full written report, along with a presentation of our findings.

The report

The report provides options to make greater use of the software’s functionality, improve business processes, reporting, integration and increase user knowledge. It also provides the information necessary to deliver support and create a project plan if required.

Undertaking a business process review can be transformative if recommendations are acted upon.

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IFS Health Check

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A health check is a diagnostic process review that includes actionable advice about how to make your organisation stronger and improve performance.

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Why choose Millennium?

We have the knowledge and experience needed to design, implement, optimise and support an appropriate solution for your organisation.


We provide strategic advice, identifying the systems and processes that would benefit from updating/automation.


We deliver end-to-end project solutions, helping you adapt to continuous change to achieve competitive advantage.

Complimentary software

Our experienced team can implement additional complimentary software to enhance your system.

Ongoing support

We provide individually tailored support either as part of a formal plan or on an ad-hoc basis as required.

Authorised IFS Channel & Services Partner

As direct partners with IFS, we help clients decide on a solution that meets their particular needs. Our client’s interests are our priority and by working closely with key stake holders we are able to define and deliver the most appropriate technology strategy.

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