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Unit4 Financials by Coda Purchase Order Processing (POP) & Purchase Invoice Matching (PIM) will enable you to understand, control and manage costs.

While there are numerous benefits to be gained from using an effective Purchase Ordering System we have highlight the 6 which we believe are the most important below:

Costs approved before being incurred

The primary benefit of purchase ordering is expenses/purchases approval before they are incurred.

Internal control enhancement

Two critical points of control: Receiving items or a service against what was ordered & pricing.

Management of committed costs

When a purchase order is executed by the buyer and seller it commits both parties to the terms of the document.

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Improve project profitability

A common mistake when managing project profitability is only considering incurred costs (actual invoices received) and this provides only a partial picture.

Consolidate your costs

Every organisation wishes to negotiate lower prices with suppliers but are not always able to do so.


Financials has a unique single database covering the financial, invoice matching and purchasing modules. This enables the production of complex reports crossing all three modules.

Watch episode 11 of our Unit4 Financials by Coda Feature Spotlight series, which covers the Purchase Order Processing & Invoice Matching modules, including a demonstration for Financials users that do not have these modules and thinking of acquiring them.

Watch episode 11

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