Controlling fixed asset information and extracting the data needed for compliance and reporting purposes can often come with many challenges.

These hurdles may be caused by lack of a proper functioning asset management system or the need to update processes to reflect changes in the organisation’s environment.

Within Unit4 Financials, the Fixed Assets module forms part of the core product suite and allows users to manage all their fixed asset obligations in one place. Module features include:

  • Integral to the solution’s single financial model – no batch updates, always in balance
  • Browse assets across multiple companies and review currencies and “books”
  • Flexible and standard depreciation rules: any number of user defined depreciation rules and plug-ins for global coverage
  • User-defined tracking, categorisation
  • Disposals: full or partial
  • Transfer assets – between cost centres or to create a new asset
  • Revaluate appreciating assets and post the financial transactions to separate revaluation accounts: revalue by value, percentage, or a customisable rule
  • Forecast future year depreciation charges: export forecasts to a spreadsheet or to balance codes for further analysis or reporting
  • Real-time enquiry facility to view exact financial status
  • Supports all methods of asset creation, including bulk loading; automatic creation from an invoice; or customised manual entry: Mass loading of assets from an external system using XML and Direct cost transfers from G/L WIP to Assets
  • In-tray facility allows the initial entry of asset details for subsequent authorisation and capitalisation
  • Users can browse customised lists of assets, with comprehensive drill-down to view full asset details, associated transactions, and financial postings

Assets can hold values in multiple currencies, so you can:

Calculate full and partial disposals based on the historic rates

Calculate depreciation based on the historic rates

Capitalise an asset from Financials

Record the cost of the asset in the currencies captured from Financials

Revalue assets and forecast depreciation for assets in multiple currencies

Post transactions into Financials using the currency values calculated in assets

Transfer assets, with their values being cleared down and reinstated in all currencies

Create an asset manually and hold all its values in one or more additional currencies

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