Episode 4

Making Tax Digital (TMD) Avalara

Learn how to make Tax Digital using Avalara for Unit4 Financials

In this episode, we provide a brief overview of the Masters required for the structured output module and show how to create the files in Unit4 Financials, for digital tax submission using Avalara.

This is available using Unit4 Financials from version 13 onwards.

We will be covering four key areas:

  • Selection – identifying transactions to be included
  • Mapping – Unit4 Financials to Avalara
  • Transformation – mapping may not be straightforward
  • Output – where the files are sent
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Published: July 2021

How to become fully MTD compliant

Full automation of your VAT processes is not just essential for compliance purposes, it also makes perfect sense for your business. Not least, it helps reduce the time and resources you need to commit to VAT reporting, freeing up your finance team to focus on driving your business forward.

With our partners, Avalara, we offer a one-stop solution to automate all forms of VAT compliance in the UK, Europe and over 50 countries around the world. To join up your multiple systems, to stay compliant and to free up your resources, speak to Millennium Consulting today.

If you would like more details of the requirements for the application, please get in touch.