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With the move to the Cloud, all Unit4 ERP releases will follow a predictable cycle of quarterly updates, providing users with a continuous stream of new features.

These updates are applied to your system every three months – keeping your applications up to date, allowing you to take advantage of new features and functionality, resolve bugs, and update security. But while the benefits are clear, the quarterly updates can pose some challenges.

This is where we can help.

Why choose Millennium Consulting for your quarterly testing?

Reduced disruption for your business
Faster issue detection/resolution
Expertise from an Elite Unit4 Partner
New product features relevant to your business highlighted
We communicate with Unit4 directly for a quicker resolution
This can be included in your Millennium+ package

Drawing on a library of 250+ prebuilt test scripts, we guarantee a quick, efficient, and comprehensive analysis and execution of your updates.

Our “Testing as a Service” includes:

  • Test scripts tailored to your business
  • Unit testing of incidents before releasing it to production
  • System integration testing for technical components/integrations after quarterly upgrade
  • Coordinating with end-users to complete User Accepted Testing (UAT)
  • Performance testing
  • As part of the release process, every change to production undergoes unit testing and end-user testing
  • Regression testing as part of the quarterly patch upgrades

Tailored packages to suit your Unit4 ERP needs

Millennium+ customers can use purchased hours to access our Quarterly Updates Testing as a Service.

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