Authorised Channel & Services Partner for IFS

As direct partners with IFS, we help clients decide on a solution that meets their particular needs. Our client’s interests are our priority and by working closely with key stake holders we are able to define and deliver the most appropriate technology strategy.


We provide strategic advice, identifying the systems and processes that would benefit from updating/automation.


We deliver end-to-end project solutions, helping you adapt to continuous change to achieve competitive advantage.

Complimentary software

Our experienced team can implement additional complimentary software to enhance your system.

Outsourced support

We provide individually tailored outsourced support either as part of a formal plan or on an ad-hoc basis as required.

Connecting youto the future withIFS Applications

Our engineering components make it easy to specify and configure design elements, products, assemblies and facilities. They ensure quality by streamlining the administration of related documentation. Seamless integration between purchasing, engineering and manufacturing processes provides an accurate cross organisational perspective.

Specialising in:

  • Project Deliverables
  • Commissioning
  • Compatible Units
  • Asset Design
  • Engineering Change Management
  • PDM Configuration

IFS Projects™ makes it easier for you to manage the complete project lifecycle. Fully integrated with other IFS components such as financials, procurement, inventory, customer orders, manufacturing, engineering, human resources, document management, and asset and service management, the solution is used by many types of businesses who use project principles to manage their business, including project-based manufacturing, engineering, construction, contracting and infrastructure, EPCI and R&D organisations.

Our manufacturing components support all phases of the manufacturing process for all your employees, making it easier to plan, execute, control, and analyze many types of manufacturing. This powerful, multifaceted solution offers a simple, highly automated flow for handling repetitive tasks with advanced management-by-exception functionality to trap and action exceptions. It also supports lean principles and mixed-mode manufacturing, where different types of processing coexist in the same manufacturing environment.

Our financial components give you a comprehensive view of your business from a variety of perspectives. When you spot a trend worth investigating, you can scrutinize the appropriate financial transactions in detail. These components enhance control at all levels of the organization and support regulatory needs around the world.

Specialising in:

  • Consolidation
  • Business Planning
  • Cash Flow
  • Project Finance
  • Accounts Payable / Receivables
  • Fixed Assets
  • General Ledger

Our supply chain components and manufacturing form the basis for your supply chain management solution. These components offer the simplicity you need to visualize product flows better and use the system efficiently, and you can quickly adapt to different distribution models and working methods. They give you the agility you need to grow and support change throughout your enterprise and let you take advantage of real-time communication throughout the order-to-delivery chain.

Our sales and service components provide business processes vital to your customer relationship management (CRM). They manage your customer interaction chain from the sales lead, through the sales cycle, to the ongoing support and service of the customer. Our sales and service concept allows you to focus on where you can add value to your customer through product, service, and support.

Part of a complete enterprise asset management (EAM) system, our asset components enable you to anticipate and adapt to the rapidly changing demands of the world around you. Easy to work with and access, the solution contains the comprehensiveness and depth of functionality that you need for day-to-day asset requirements as well as continuous development and improvement.

Our business enabler components let you create and enhance relationships, taking advantage of the latest web, mobile and social technologies. You can give employees, customers, suppliers, and other partners personalised, accurate, real-time information through easy-to-use role-based portals, event streams, and built-for-purpose mobile solutions. IFS business enabler components also allow you to integrate with internal and external systems through web services while ensuring security, performance, and scalability.

IFS Human Capital Management components save you time and money by helping you manage your company’s most valuable resources cost-effectively. You get fast, accurate analysis that meets all your company’s human resources key needs for personnel development. You also get the essential processes for workforce management and successful strategic human capital management.

Find out how our expert consulting services deliver transformation across your business.

Designing the Futureof your ERP Function

Our world-class team works with you to help you design your IFS architecture, create a thriving digital culture and unlock the power of your data. Our proven approach provides a framework for designing, building and sustaining a world-class global ERP organisation.


We work with you to define the problem, make the case for change and create a roadmap.


From planning and resourcing to stakeholder buy-in, we help you turn ambition into reality.


We develop the processes and source the solutions required to meet your project needs.


We help you to implement new systems and solutions, from deployment to documentation.

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