Power Generation

The next generation of power

Renewable energies are no longer a plan for the future, they are a reality that already makes up a significant portion of our energy supply.

To compete and respond to climate change, power generation companies are diversifying their portfolios and investing in new generation technologies to lower the carbon intensity of the energy produced.

Electricity is at the heart of modern economies, its share of final energy consumption over 50% by 2050 as electricity demand increases rapidly.

IFS has Power Generation Solutions

Seize new opportunities and alternate revenue streams from renewables, joint ventures and other industry changes with agile and flexible enterprise solutions.

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Energy, Utilities & Resources

Power Generation

Companies could achieve 23% cost reduction in asset management with IFS

Transmission and Distribution

Delivers 32% improvement in asset management for companies

Oil and Gas

Companies achieve a 22% increase in productivity with IFS

Renewable Energy

Utilities achieve 21% improvement in service management with IFS

Why choose Millennium?

We have the knowledge and experience needed to design, implement, optimise and support an appropriate solution for your organisation.


We provide strategic advice, identifying the systems and processes that would benefit from updating/automation.


We deliver end-to-end project solutions, helping you adapt to continuous change to achieve competitive advantage.

Complementary software

Our experienced team can implement additional complementary software to enhance your system.

Ongoing support

We provide individually tailored support either as part of a formal plan or on an ad-hoc basis as required.


Authorised IFS Channel & Services Partner

As direct partners with IFS, we help clients decide on a solution that meets their particular needs. Our client’s interests are our priority and by working closely with key stake holders we are able to define and deliver the most appropriate technology strategy.

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