Discover the latest Unit4 Financials features in V2020

This post shares all the functionality available on Unit4 Financials V2020. If you are upgrading from an older version of Financials, you will get all of the below features plus all the very latest features from V13, V14 and Continuous Release.

The naming convention may have changed, but the latest version of Unit4 Financials offers all the new features you would expect. Unit4 Financials V2020 (rather than V15) is available now.

If you are on V14 remember that at end of 2022 it will fall outside the Unit4 supported software window. If you don’t upgrade before that date, you may incur extended support charges from Unit4.

Now may be an ideal time to look at the options that are available to you and the benefits you will gain from an upgrade.

New features arriving in V2020 include:

  • Element Authorisation
  • Change Log Anonymisation
  • Provisional Year End

Plus a wide range of technical improvements…

Along with the additional functionality, V2020 brings a new approach to regular updates – adding a version number to the end, based on the quarter it is released in. For example, the current release is V2020 Q3.

It is also important to note that V13 and all previous versions of Unit4 Financials will no longer receive full support.

What's new in V2020?
Full Year End
  1. Sum all the profit and loss accounts, posting the NET figure to retained earnings in the balance sheet
  2. Post the closing balance sheet figures to the period 0 of the following year
  3. Close the year of the Year End being processed, preventing any further postings

Provisional Year End will perform all the processing of a full Year End, but will not close the year being ended, allowing you to continue posting to that year.

Any subsequent Year End processing will perform incremental postings for those applicable to the year being ended. These postings will have an input date greater than the one specified for the last provisional Year End.

Example: If your Year End is 31st December, you can run the process before 31st January in provisional mode, so that your balance type reports will capture carried forward balances in period 0 when you run period end reports for period 1.

Undo Year End

You can now undo both provisional and full Year Ends. This will cancel all Year End journals posted to the final (9999) period for the latest year in which a Year End has been run, and to the opening (0) period of the next year.

If a full Year End is undone, the minimum year will be reset to the previous year. The Undo Year End process undoes all the Year Ends that have been run in the selected year, not just the last Year End process itself.

Example: If you undo the year 2019 in 2020 (having also run 2017 and 2018 Year Ends in 2020), it will undo all three years.

Browse Transaction Enhancements

Browse Transaction gives you a more powerful way to interrogate the database, using the metadata in a way that provides the same functionality as Browse Details.

Company Master

You can now specify an address category on the Procurement tab to automate the selection of the ordering address in Procurement.

This overcomes a previous issue that meant it was only possible to set one default address for a supplier record, which had to be set correctly for remittances. This new feature allows multiple default addresses based on the function module.

It also allows you to change the Actuals and Turnovers balance codes on the company master after documents have been posted in the company.

Intercompany Control Account 

In the intercompany module, you can now add a customer or supplier to the control account specified in the destination and receiver masters – as well as to elements inserted when those accounts contain wildcards.

This means that one company can now send a sales invoice document to another company, and it will be received as a purchase invoice document.


The payment period and/or date can now be changed on a payment proposal after it has been generated via a new ‘Change payment period’ option on the Pay/Collect actions menu.

This feature is controlled by functional security on the Capability Master and allows you to amend the payment period without aborting the proposal.


Reconciliation will now record the date of reconciliation. This will default to today’s date unless a date is set via the Reconciliation Master, or at run time.

The Finance user that ran the reconciliation process will be recorded as the Reconciliation user.

The Reconciliation date and user are also available as vocabularies for use in Selector and Presenter masters for use in reconciliation reports.

Fixed Assets

You can now set up scheduled tasks to depreciate assets.

Invoice Matching

It is now possible to input a non-matchable invoice or credit note where the invoice total is a different sign than the tax total.

LRN Housekeeping can also now be run without posting a journal to Finance.This resolves two previous issues:
• When running housekeeping, a journal was posted to Finance which meant that you had to cancel the document
• If the Right Left lists had been changed in Financials since the receipt of the goods, this meant that housekeeping would fail


Orders that are automatically created by conversion from a requisition can now be automatically submitted to workflow, removing the manual steps for browsing and submitting to workflow.


It is now possible to copy a document in Browse.

Unit4 XL (CodaXL)

XL is now fully compatible with 64-bit Excel, in addition to the 32-bit variant.

Public Bulk Data Web Services

V2020 now provides:

• Generic Browse/Select Chunked
• Generic Browse/Fetch

This gives you the ability to query exceptionally large datasets with an interface spread over multiple requests.


You can now generate and customise forms created at runtime – as well as import and export customisations.

Browser Warning

A warning is now displayed if the results of a browse have been limited by the security settings.

If the user is restricted to certain accounts in their capability settings, the user will be warned that not all the data has been returned.

Copy Company with Finance

You can now copy element flexi-field data when using ‘copy company’ to copy elements.

You can also copy element template customisations when using ‘copy company’ to copy element template masters.

OpenID Connect Authentication

User claims for OpenID Connect can now be configured from the Security section of the Administration Console.

A painless Unit4 Financials upgrade starts here

If you are on V14 remember that at end of 2022 it will fall outside the Unit4 supported software window. If you don’t upgrade before that date, you may incur extended support charges from Unit4.

Now may be an ideal time to look at the options that are available to you and the benefits you will gain from an upgrade.

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