Discover the latest Unit4 Financials features in V13

This post shares all the functionality available on Unit4 Financials V13. If you are upgrading from an older version of Financials, you will get all of the below features plus all the very latest features from V14, V2020 and Continuous Release.

If you are on an older version of Financials (lower than V14) you have may have already fallen outside the Unit4 supported software window and maybe incurring extended support charges.

Now may be an ideal time to look at the options that are available to you and the benefits you will gain from an upgrade.

Element Workflow

To ensure the accuracy of master data and minimise the risk of fraudulent creation or modification of key master data, capabilities have been added for creating and approving master data.


The Flexi-field capability at element level has been extended to transaction level, which allows you to capture unlimited amounts of business-specific dimensions, perform more detailed analyses and calculate more detailed KPIs and intelligence, in order to support both strategic and operational decision making.


  • New framework for user
  • All applications accessed from one menu
  • Save activities to a favourites list
  • Retains history of recent activities
  • Receive workflow messages as alerts


  •  Enquiries
    • New aged analysis
    • Reference date on browse ledger
    • Browse transactions (new) uses metadata
  • Credit Management
    • Diary uses metadata selectors & presenters
    • Diary manager linked to user master
    • Credit Manager maintenance
    • Print statements – similar to sales invoicing
    • New aged table object on Print Formatter to include ageing on customer statements
  • Add elements directly to group masters
  • Add attachments to elements

Administration Console:

  •  Workflow
    • Housekeeping
    • Financial attachments
    • Tasklist
    • Completion workflows
  • New scheduled tasks
    • Print invoices
    • Print statements
    • Ledger maintenance
    • Populate link tables
  • Customizer integrated into the application
  • Metadata – add new joins and vocabulary to existing views
  • Create and maintain repository folders
  • Printing & emailing
    • Email template master – subject body and signature for use in invoices etc.
    • Print options master – links print formats, output device, and email templates
    • Print format watermarks
    • Export/import print format masters
  • Filter element selection within generic browse by filter on user’s role
  • Link table import routine from source files

A painless Unit4 Financials upgrade starts here

If you are on V14 remember that at end of 2022 it will fall outside the Unit4 supported software window. If you don’t upgrade before that date, you may incur extended support charges from Unit4.

Now may be an ideal time to look at the options that are available to you and the benefits you will gain from an upgrade.

To explore your upgrade options, contact us today