The world of reconciliations has never been glamorous, and it has been often been underfunded and overly reliant on manual processes. Put simply, relying on a spreadsheet for sensitive control functions such as bank reconciliations increases operational risk, reduces accountability and transparency, and has no place in the world of today. This is where AutoCash can help by removing the manual steps in your current process with a few simple steps.

Simple Steps:

Step One:

Automate the posting of the cash record debiting the bank account in the cash book and crediting the customer in the sales ledger.

Step Two:

Cash match sales invoice to the payment document changing the pay status in Unit4 Financials from “available” to “paid”.

Step Three:

Reconcile the cash book within Unit4 Financials to the electronic bank statement held within the statement tables changing the status from “available” to “reconciled” and providing a full audit trail.

All three processes can be achieved within the AutoCash application as it will automatically:

  • Load the electronic bank statement into Unit4 Financials statement tables.
  • Post cash documents.
  • Match customers & reconcile bank accounts.

Accessing the application is simple as AutoCash is a web browser application that resides on the Unit4 Financials server and uses web services to interface to the Unit4 Financials application.

Would you like to automate your bank reconciliation process, improve operational risk and benefit from real process efficiency gains?  Then there is no time like the present.

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Would you like to automate your bank reconciliation process?

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