December 2022

Unit4 Financials by Coda 2022 Q4 was made available on 6th December 2022.

The new release contains all the previous Unit4 Financials functionality and new features. Plus, many additional customer requested fixes, highlighting the importance of logging enhancements via Unit4’s Community 4U.

Highlights of the 2022 Q4 release include:


  • Tasks
  • SFTP key authentication


  • Matching
  • Deep links to browse transactions can show a period range
  • Browse column widths
  • Show last comment

Structured Output

  • SFTP key authentication
  • Removed features

General Fixes/Updates

  • Message Transport Log can now be opened; previously an error occurred if data in the ‘com_logline’ was truncated.
  • Password is not stored anymore in the database when the password field is cleared in Message Transport Master.
  • Further improvements have been made to the metadata upgrade process and the metadata audit now reports invalid vocabularies.
  • Recording successful logon and logoff events no longer causes a duplicate key error message.
  • Manual depreciation is now included in the depreciation charge adjustment when performing a cost centre transfer.
  • When trying to transfer Cost Centre on an asset where account security prevents the transfer, an error will be raised about not having access to the account instead of a serious error.
  • Billing Performance has been improved when opening large documents in Billing Browse, the element short names are now only activated when the typeahead is activated.
  • Named user licence count is now enforced for Finance users.
  • Analyser will now open correctly from Browse Transactions and Aged Analysis.
  • Cancel document memory usage has been fixed to handle more than 100 individual documents, without causing a system failure.
  • Link table maintenance keeps padding on column ‘oas_linkhead.origdocnum’.
  • Addressed some causes of account summary unmarshalling error.
  • Table Link Transfer Client pads column ‘oas_linkhead.origdocnum’ correctly.
  • Browse details can now show the most recent comment added using multiple edit (the last comment).
  • Tablelink maintenance now auto sizes the column widths when presenting the data.
  • The Matching request Input Extended/PostToBooks has been corrected and no longer gives an XMLi error.
  • When Setting the Element Substitution value to “not used” the element value is now cleared allowing the element to be saved.
  • Intray Management – it is now possible to remove a line comment.
  • Flexi field caching in Assisted Element has been changed to allow Flexi field master changes to be reflected immediately.
  • Pay Status toolbox no longer fails when using an Oracle database.
  • Reminder letter proposals now calculates the page count correcting when items are deleted and no longer errors when reviewing the last page of the proposal.
  • Copy document no longer errors if the document that is copied references an original document which has been archived.
  • ITK Data Editor now allows Statement lines to be updated, and other data rows which contain Financials document numbers as a key. Please refer to the ITK User guide Unit4 Financials Metadata section for information on settings for the object definition.
  • Posting an invoice with attachments now submits successfully to Workflow when it is automatically approved.
  • A goods received note will now not be created when completing a partially received order line with 0 (zero) quantity.

The Release Notes detailing the fixes and features within this release can be found in the Documentation area on Unit4’s Community 4U.

Upgrading Financials is not merely about accessing the new functionality that comes with a new software release. It is also about mitigating technology, operational, and business risk.
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