March 2022

The Unit4 product community is well supported by thousands of global customers and partners alike. Better still, the product developers pay very close attention to it, which means if you have a good idea for an enhancement, there’s actually a good chance of it being incorporated in a future update.

Here’s a closer look at the Unit4 peer support available, and at how active customer participation results in a stronger, more dynamic product offering.

What is Community4U?

This is Unit4’s customer and partner community, made up of dedicated forums devoted to specific Unit4 solutions (including Unit4 Financials).

Through it, you can engage with other customers and partners, get in touch and ask questions, share tips and best practices and find solutions that will make your life easier.

The community also includes a process through which customers can suggest product enhancements (see below).

Benefits of accessing the community

The most obvious benefit of Community4U is the mutual support element. Users can learn from each other’s experiences, quickly get answers to queries and keep up with best practice.

Dipping into the community can also be useful from a professional growth perspective. Because it’s well supported, it’s a good way to engage with peers (people in similar roles within similar organisations, for instance) and build your network.

How to log a product enhancement idea

Do you have an idea for making a particular template more closely aligned to your reporting requirements? Would a simple tweak to a particular field save you a whole lot of time?

As a Unit4 Financials customer, you can use the community to log any suggestions any time you want. Suggestions are reviewed regularly by developers and opened to a vote to all portal users.

If an idea gets customer backing, Unit4 will assess whether it’s deliverable. Popular and do-able suggestions go into the development backlog and are ultimately delivered.

Some recent suggestions for enhancements have included the following:

• Remove trailing spaces automatically
• Set the name of the attachment sent by email
• ‘Remove the line’ checkbox as movable item on input template
• Custom portal per company
• Sorting payment proposals by date instead of payment code
• Mandatory fields on element template
• Cr/Dr differentiation on Distribution Master / Revaluation
• CODA Procurement: Irrecoverable Tax on Reversing VAT
• Schedule Change Periods (000223)
• Flexi fields in Assets as an alternative for the user (free) fields

The beauty of Unit4’s Continuous Release process is that tweaks and enhancements are rolled out to customers in a seamless way. These enhancements are driven in large part by customer feedback. Examples of user suggestions that have found their way into the Continuous Release cycle recently include ‘Remove trailing spaces automatically’, ‘Remove the line checkbox as movable item on input template’, and ‘Sorting payment proposals by date instead of payment code’.

Accessing the community

To set up an account for the Unit4 Community 4U, please send an email to

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