Unit4 Financials by Coda 2024Q2 was made available on 11th June 2024.

The new release contains all the previous Unit4 Financials by Coda functionality, new features, security updates, and customer-identified fixes to extend the best-in-class software solution. Unit4 has addressed many customer-reported issues and hence always encourages customers to upgrade to the latest release.

Highlights of the 2024Q2 release include:



Output Device Master

A new device type is available called ‘HTTP POST’ that will post data to an HTTP/HTTPS endpoint.

Third-Party Library Attribution in the Product

The third-party library attribution information is now accessible from the main product on the About Financials page in Legal Notice section.



Document Master

The document numbers used within Billing will now be sequential by year when the Document master is set to use Year or Year/Period prefixed numbers and “Reset number on year change” is enabled.

Within Billing Document Master, if ‘Reset number on year change’ is enabled, the user now has the ability to edit the number to be used as the starting document number for the subsequent year(s).



Open/Close Periods

Open/Close Periods can now be managed using a new webservice OpenClosePeriods.

Element Master

The Invoice document and Mapping master can be specified on a Supplier element for use in Electronic Invoicing (for future use)

Company Master

The Mapping master can be specified on the Company for use in Electronic Invoicing (for future use)

External Archive to Remote Database

A new field ‘Database server name’ has been added to the archive header master. This specifies the database server location and is only available for Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Microsoft Azure SQL is now supported as an external archive database when the main Financials database is Microsoft SQL Server


Electronic Invoicing:

Mapping Master

A new Mapping Master has been added for Electronic Invoicing to define how data in the UBL is mapped to the transaction to be created in Financials. You also have the ability to map fixed text (for future use)



Deprecated features:

The .NET router has been deprecated. The final release has not been determined.

32-bit XL is deprecated. We recommend the use of 64-bit XL.

The Integration Toolkit Command Centre module (ITK) has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. The final release has not been determined.


General Fixes/Updates:

  • The appearance of unexpected items in the ‘Favourites’ and ‘History’ lists, which was associated with the use of menu content providers, has been corrected.
  • The ‘Import existing domain user to Financials user mapping’ facility has been removed. This was causing errors where the old tables (com_usrmap and com_usrmaplist) were not present or had an incompatible collation.
  • Daylight savings time is taken into account when setting the ‘Next run’ time for Scheduled tasks.
  • Corrupted alert data caused a “Translated alert” error and prevented workflows from starting. Alert handling and workflow processing are now able to proceed without error in this situation.
  • When Financials documents fail to post during Depreciation the Assets transactions will still be written if ‘Continue after errors’ is true.
  • Cancelling an asset transfer now cancels the transactions for all assets involved in the transfer and the logs now report all sets of cancellations.
  • The document numbers used within Billing will now be sequential by year when the Document master is set to use Year or Year/Period prefixed numbers and “Reset number on year change” is enabled
  • It is now possible in Billing input to search on the line item short name.
  • When changing the customer on an existing invoice in Billing where the address field is not displayed on the input template, the customer’s correct default address is now used
  • It is now possible to select an element in input using an element filter, when the input template has been set to filter the element using the left/right list logic.
  • An issue using reconciliation when selecting lines to be grouped across multiple pages and using the ‘Include Selected’ button has now been resolved.
  • Show Work Item for Element Approval now correctly shows the Assisted Element view after the approval has been denied.
  • The URL created when you export to Excel in Browse Details is the same as the URL created on the results screen in Browse Details.
  • In table link a mnemonic can now be used for an element which specifies a substitution element.
  • The response returned by the GetAttachments function of the WorkflowService is now valid according to the API definition. The primaryAttachment property is now always returned.
  • Unsuccessful attempt to create a new company no longer leaves an invalid entry in table oas_cmpinv.
  • On IBM i use of a remote DB2 database now works correctly.
  • In Audit Trail, upgrades of the table LOG_PROCESSED from versions prior to continuous release (15.0.4) may not be correct. A script to correct this without the need to drop and recreate the table is available in the Audit Trail Technical Guide.
  • It is now possible to retrieve and update data in multiple tabs concurrently, due to the removal of the requirement for transacted, repeatable-read of application state.
    • Note: The Java EE server configuration will need to be updated to take advantage of this fix. Please refer to the Technical section in the release notes for more details on how to adjust existing installations.
    • The Audit Trail Configuration Tool now runs when there is no configuration file in the “CodaHome\AuditTrail\Config” directory.


Further details on the new features, security updates and reported issues can be found in the release documentation.

The release documentation for this release (and previous releases) can be found in the documentation area on the community.

The software can be downloaded from the “Software” tab on Community4U.


Release dates for Cloud users

Unit4 Cloud customers are notified by Unit4 Cloud support when their pre-production and production systems will be updated. This information can also be found within the Cloud Services – Release Schedules area.

View the 2024 Release Schedule here

The Release Notes detailing the fixes and features within this release can be found in the Documentation area on Unit4’s Community 4U.

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