Is It Time to Upgrade Your Unit4 Financials Software?

Nothing ever stands still

With any software upgrade, new functionality can rapidly become key to your accounting process as they highlight more effective ways of doing business. However, upgrading is not purely about accessing new features; timely upgrades also ensure that your software is protected against security threats and known bugs are corrected.

Unit4 currently supports:

If you are still operating on V13 or earlier, you should look to upgrade your system as soon as possible. Upgrading avoids the risk of  compatibility issues and unsupported software, and it allows you to deploy the latest functionality and achieve process efficiencies and cost savings. Regular, planned, consistent upgrade policies will actually reduce overall costs.

Why Do I Need to Upgrade my Unit4 Financials System?

It is uneconomic for software companies to support numerous versions of their software and they actively limit the number of software versions they support. Unit4 only provide full support for the last two releases, so like many users you may find yourself on an older, un-supported version. To maintain a world-class finance function, you may need to upgrade your Unit4 Financials to keep your processes running smoothly and be compliant with new legislation.

Are  All Upgrades the Same?

Here is the good news: upgrading is a lot easier than you think it is. At Millennium we offer three types of upgrade. Which one is right for your business will depend on your current version of Financials and what you want to achieve from the upgrade. Our Consultants can help you identify the most effective route to deliver the upgrade that best suits your requirements.

Like-for-Like Upgrade


Like-for-Like Plus Upgrade


Re-Implementation Upgrade



Like-for-Like Upgrade

This is a technical upgrade for firms looking to remain on a supported version and/or running a technology upgrade project across the company that requires a compatible version of Unit4 Financials.

This option is a stepping-stone to realising future benefits without introducing major changes. It is the simplest and quickest upgrade but is only possible if the suitable technical infrastructure is in place.


Like-for-Like Plus Upgrade

This is for firms who would like to upgrade to the latest version of Unit4 Financials but would also like to take advantage of the latest functionality, achieving a few ‘quick wins’ as part of the upgrade.

As organisation’s grow their needs evolve and change. Operational processes that may once have sufficed may no longer be fit for purpose. Using the Like-for-Like Plus upgrade enables them to configure their Unit4 Financials in line with newer operational processes.


Re-Implementation Upgrade

Growth brings change and these changes can fundamentally alter what you require your accounting system to deliver.

This upgrade enables your Unit4 Financials system to support these changes. It builds on the existing investment, as opposed to the upheaval of implementing a new solution. A re-implementation provides firms with an

opportunity to achieve significant business and process improvements by overhauling the whole system, including a new chart of accounts. A new chart of accounts in conjunction with new functionality like “flexi-fields” can enhance your reporting capability. No longer will you be dependent on massaged information from various sources. There will be one version of the “truth” directly from your financial system.

How Does the Upgrade Process Work?

Millennium Consulting follows the Unit4 Implementation Methodology (U4IM), which is used globally for all Unit4 software implementations. The methodology encompasses all the activities that can take place throughout the implementation process and is supported by strong project management controls to ensure successful delivery.

The phases of U4IM are:


We agree on the contract with a client, then hand the project to our implementation team who set up the Project Organization.


We perform a business requirement and process review, running workshops with the client to create the solution design.


We advise you on the required hardware and infrastructure then build the solution, configuring the relevant elements.

Note: Integration with third-party reporting software such as Cognos, Business Objects and Microsoft SSRS (as well as procurement, billing and payroll systems) is a key consideration of the upgrade process.


We help you to perform Integrated System Testing and User Acceptance Testing on the elements built in the Build phase.


We deploy the different solution elements, taking care to advise you on and help co-ordinate every aspect from Data Migration to End User Testing.


Around three weeks after the solution goes live, we evaluate the project - assessing deliverables and future plans for development.

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