23 ways to automate and reduce cost and risk, by setting up the automation of manual processes in Unit4 Financials

January 2022


With more people working remotely, re-configuring workflow allows organisations to keep efficient by ensuring each process is streamlined and everyone interacts with the process at the right time.

Banking payment XML

Reduce manual effort by setting up XML bank payment files.

Intercompany PO’s

Setting up intercompany PO’s will stop the need for companies to raise separate PO’s one-by-one in each company. With the Intercompany facility it is possible (for example) to raise a PO in one company that is for goods services in two other different companies.

Unit4 XL reporting

Set up reports in Unit4 XL for real-time reporting from Unit4 Financials and reduce any unnecessary manual Excel work.

Auto VAT Calculation

VAT can be calculated automatically based upon the VAT code being supplied – therefore reducing the input burden being placed on the user.

Derived fields

The entry of documents can be assisted greatly using derived fields on the input templates. This can automate the population of many of the fields on the Input screens which will speed up data entry and enhance the user experience.


Allocation provides a flexible, automatic means of allocating centrally incurred costs across an organisation's operating units, so reducing manual work.

Currency Revaluation

The automation of currency revaluation enables you to recalculate home (GBP) values based on foreign values. The foreign values are selected, either from details or from balances, for reconversion at new exchange rates.

Account Summaries

Account summary is a user configured enquiry form that allows information from suppliers to be brought together with transaction details, balance, and diary information to produce a single view of the data.

Electronic remittances

In Continuous Release, electronic remittances can be generated automatically by email during a payment run.

Element Authorisation

Element authorisation can be used to automate new vendor and/or customer authorisations and creation.

Automatic accruals

There is an automatic routine within the invoice matching module that can create accruals and post to the financials module, so reducing month end effort.


Archive enables the user to remove old data from the books to an internal archive area within the database. The archive process improves the system performance experienced by a user by reducing the amount of information held on the books.


The attachments framework allows a user to attach documentary evidence to element masters, financial documents, purchase orders and sales invoices. The information can be in a variety of formats eg spreadsheet, PDF, Word etc that provides working papers or backup to a transaction. Once attached, the user can also view, remove, or replace the attached file.

Service Desk

Reduce cost and risk with Unit4 Financials Support and Maintenance from the Millennium Service Desk team.

Interface Manager

Interface Manager gives control back to the finance team to run and schedule their own interfaces so alleviating members of the IT department of doing these tasks.

Unit4 Travel & Expenses

Streamline and automate the expenses process, giving you more control over costs, better enforcement of company policy and help reduce the time and effort it takes to process employee or subcontractor expenses.


Save time and effort by automating your bank statement processing – automatically load, post, match and reconcile any items on your Bank Statements with transactions recorded in Unit4 Financials.

Unit4 Purchasing & Invoice Matching

Enforcing the authorisation and control over expenditure at the start of the process, rather than after the fact on receipt of invoice helps companies to stick to their budgets, control costs and gain efficiencies from better supplier leverage.

Unit4 Invoice Capture

Unit4’s Invoice Capture automates the capture and posting of invoices through intelligent OCR scanning and posts directly into Unit4 Financials.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing removes major errors and inconsistencies that are inevitable when multiple sources of data are pulled into one dataset. Using tools to clean-up data makes the process more efficient since you will be able to quickly get accurate information into your system of choice.

Asset uploading

Do you regularly need to upload assets into Unit4 Financials fixed assets module – if so then Millennium’s Asset Uploader can streamline this process to help ensure all your assets are loaded error free.

Data Migration

Migrate your data between systems or to the Cloud, giving you quicker integration, faster implementation, and reduced risk.

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