Big Data: What it means for your business

White paper

Big Data: What it means for your business

August 2023

Big Data opportunities, use cases and technologies explored…

Have a read of this White Paper as it explores how Big Data is shaping different sectors and how Big Data initiatives can be of value to all areas of your business. 

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Is your organisation ready to navigate the data-driven world?

Our team of experienced data specialists empower customers so they gain maximum benefit from their valuable data. With decades of experience in the field, we provide strategic guidance so you can realise the full potential of your data.

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Finance Transformation Guide

May 2023

Finance Transformation Guide

This guide covers the areas you must focus on when managing significant change within your finance department. It outlines the elements you need to have in place before, during and after transformation, along with best-practice management tips.

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February 2023

Tailored packages to suit your Unit4 Financials by Coda needs

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View our Millennium+ PDF as we outline exactly what it is, what services we provide and how it can transform your business.

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Renewable Energy Sector Focus: Key trends and how businesses can leverage them

December 2022

Renewable Energy Sector Focus:

Key trends and how businesses can leverage them

With 2023 approaching, climate change and the Ukraine crises are driving the growth of the renewable energy sector more than ever. But while current demand signals are largely healthy, there are, as always, headwinds that some businesses in this field will be better equipped than others to navigate.

Phil Keet, CEO of digital transformation specialists, Millennium Consulting examines the current dynamics of the renewables sector, and how companies can equip themselves to leverage the opportunities that undoubtedly exist.

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Building Cyber Resilience for 2023 and beyond

November 2022

Building Cyber Resilience for 2023 and beyond

A guide for business leaders

  • Cyber resilience defined
  • The current threat landscape
  • Barriers to resilience
  • Building resilience: steps to take

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There was a time when cyber was seen almost exclusively as an IT concern. These days, cyber security and risk management need to be viewed as a board-level issue, directly impacting finance, compliance, operations, customer relations – and indeed, every corner of the business.

The cyber security basics – measures such as systems protection, security infrastructure, user controls and safe data handling – are as crucial as ever. And as threat actors and their methods evolve, there will always be the need to ensure your cyber security toolkit is fit for purpose.

But alongside cyber security, it is also vital to focus on cyber resilience. This is the realisation that – try as you might – not every threat can be stopped and not every risk can be entirely mitigated. Resilience describes your ability to anticipate, prepare for, withstand, respond to and recover from whatever may be around the corner.

Read on to have a closer look at the need for resilience in the context of the current threat landscape, the barriers to it, and the steps required to build it.

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ESG in focus: your essential guide

ESG trends, reporting frameworks, challenges, and opportunities

July 2022

In this whitepaper, we outline the ESG trends, reporting frameworks, challenges, and opportunities. Including the what and why of ESG and what opportunities lay ahead with a strategic lever.

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ERP project recovery

Millennium will get you back

on track

May 2022

Has your organisation been left reeling from a failed ERP Implementation? Fortunately, help is at hand.

Millennium Consulting CEO, Phil Keet explains how targeted intervention can remediate what went wrong, ensure a return on sunk cost and revive your ambitions for transformation…

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The Future of Cryptocurrency

April 2022

In 2022, some people still regard the world of cryptocurrency as a kind of Financial Wild West: a place where anonymity is the norm, scammers can flourish, and easy wins (or catastrophic losses) can happen overnight.

For others, the arrival of the first digital currency was the most significant fintech development of our generation. Blockchain, the technology that underpins cryptocurrency, is all set to strengthen transparency and financial governance rather than undermining it. And with the number of crypto transactions on the rise, there’s an argument that by ignoring its presence, you are simply handing your competitors an advantage.

The right approach for most UK businesses will probably be somewhere in the middle. Read on to cut through the crypto hype, to understand the up
and coming currencies and trends, and to get a better idea of whether elements of the blockchain/ digital currency landscape may become more relevant to your own business in the near future…

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8 outdated attitudes that are putting your organisation's financial future at risk

March 2022

There’s never been a more important time to plan your organisation’s financial future quickly and accurately. With so much uncertainty around, you need to be able to model the financial implications of what-of scenarios quickly.

But many financial planning and analysis functions are held back by outdated processes, systems and mindsets. They’re still acting in pre-Covid ways and need to rapidly re-invent themselves if they’re to survive the crisis and thrive in the strange new world which lies beyond it.

Here are our finance experts’ summaries of the eight most common mistakes that FP&A functions make and how they can avoid them.

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10 Questions on Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

10 Questions on Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

March 2022

Insightful questions to help you benchmark your planning, budgeting and forecasting against best practice.

Download this checklist to discover:

  • The folly of focusing on software rather than processes.
  • How to be sure you can reveal correlations between key business drivers.
  • How to use predictive analytics and multiple ‘What if?’ scenarios to ditch the rear-view mirror approach.
  • How to support an agile, collaborative and connected finance department.

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