September 2022

Unit4 Financials 2022 Q3 was made available on 13 September 2022.

The new release contains all the previous Unit4 Financials functionality and new features. Plus, many additional customer requested fixes, highlighting the importance of logging enhancements via Unit4’s Community 4U.

Highlights of the 2022 Q3 release include:



  • Unique index columns updated to not-nullable
  • New task: table link element housekeeping
  • New task: table link document housekeeping
  • Clients can request access tokens from OpenID Connect providers
  • Microsoft SQL Server specifiable ODBC Connection String



  • Clients running on FIPS-enabled Windows systems


Deprecated features

  • .NET router – The .NET router has been deprecated. The final release has not been determined.
  • COM router – The COM router has been deprecated. This release, 2022 Q3, is the last to include the COM router.


 General Fixes/Updates

  • Workflow attachments can now be removed and added without error during the workflow process.
  • The Configuration guide has been updated to remove redundant session management timeout settings.
  • New metadata presenter field URL Prefix is now optional making the import compatible with exports from an earlier release.
  • Merging two assets together does not now create a superfluous extra manual transaction.
  • Billing Table Link no longer creates a document header without detail lines.
  • Weekly interval scheduled tasks now continue to run after a year has elapsed since they were created.
  • Periods (full stops) are no longer removed from external reference fields when uploading a statement via the statement load master.
  • Pay can now display external reference URL and user reference URL.
  • Export from Browse Details was not displaying external reference URL correctly.
  • When a reversing document is posted and subsequently a partial match is performed on one of its lines, Financials no longer creates spurious document lines with no document headers.
  • A primary key issue on the oas_himint table has been resolved so that, for example, it is now possible to update two or more financial years via hierarchies correctly.
  • Certain vocabulary items on a Selector Master were incorrectly defaulting to always being mandatory.
  • For input templates, prevent the repositioning of the remove line checkbox from corrupting existing input template customisations.
  • Export to Excel from Browse Details no longer fails due to invalid characters.
  • Reconciliation no longer displays a serious error when selecting the ‘From hard copy’ source.
  • The punchout supplier configuration has been enhanced to allow user literals.
  • Customising the Tax number field off the supplier search results form, now results in the field correctly disappearing.
  • XL Journal Loader has been corrected to allow posting to multiple companies.

The Release Notes detailing the fixes and features within this release can be found in the Documentation area on Unit4’s Community 4U.

Read here to find out when Financials updates are scheduled for 2022, along with important information for legacy V13 and V14 users.

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