Unit4 Financials ‘Ask an Expert’ Event

Thursday 24th February

09.00 a.m. US ET/2.00 p.m. GMT/3.00 p.m. CET

Join Millennium’s Unit4 Financials ‘Ask an Expert’ event. Presented by Chris Peall, Director of Professional Services at Millennium Consulting. Hosted by Unit4 Elite Partner – Millennium Consulting, this event is open to all Unit4 Financial Users.

The event will focus on Unit4 Financials Upgrade Projects.

The session will cover what an upgrade project looks like.

This event is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding any current challenges you have with your Unit4 Coda Financials system.

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Chris Peall

Director of Professional Services at Millennium Consulting

Chris Peall is accountable for all projects, products and services.