November 2021

In this blog post discover how the Unit4 Financials Homepage Portal can transform the user experience, enabling easier navigation, faster processing, and more effective day-to-day task management.

The Homepage Portal is available on Unit4 Financials V12 onwards.

If you are a user who has been allocated a Homepage Portal, your default screen when logging onto the system will look something like this:

It’s refreshingly simple, comprising of three elements:

Tabs. The tabs are pages relating to distinct operational areas; in this case, Finance & Assets, Purchasing, Invoice Matching and Billing. The Portal is completely customisable, so you can match the tabs to the individual user’s role and responsibilities. For example, in the case of a team member whose sole responsibility is administering incoming invoices, the portal might include just a single tab: Accounts Payable.

Frames. The frames are used to group together similar content providers (see below) by subject area.

Content providers. Clicking on a content provider will take you directly to a specific report or function. For instance, under the Nominal processes frame within the Finance & Assets tab, a user can instantly navigate to Enquiries, Journal Input, Bank Reconciliation, Currency Revaluation or Intercompany Adjustments, simply by clicking on the relevant content provider.

Watch how the Portal speeds up task performance

Watch a demonstration of a search carried out from the main menu, and the same search executed via the Portal model.

The Portal approach is significantly more effective at taking users exactly directly where they need to be. There’s far less manual entry and toggling through presenters and selectors. On an individual user level, it’s quicker and easier. And once you apply it to a large finance team, all of whom execute dozens of processes and queries a day, it can make a huge difference to organisational productivity.

Portal setup

Portals are set up at system administrator-level. Before you start to set up a Portal, we recommend that you have a sketch map of the way you want the menus to be displayed, and the content.

Unlocking Unit4 Financials expertise

If you would like expert input on Homepage configuration, we’re here to help.
Whether you are looking for ‘easy wins’ from your existing setup, best practice advice on the platform’s latest functionality or a complete re-implementation, Millennium Consulting can provide the support you need. To access unrivalled expertise from a Unit4 Elite Partner, speak to us today.

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