November 2021

Unit4 Financials Continuous Release: Provisional Year End and Year End Undo

Here’s a closer look at the latest version’s new Provisional Year End and Year End Undo functions, and the benefits these will bring to your reporting procedures. 

So, what has changed?

  • A new Provisional Year End function. This performs all the processing of a full year end, but without closing the year in question, so you can continue posting to that year. 
  • A Year End Undo function. You can now undo a year end after it has been closed. Having effectively unlocked it, you are then free to post to the year in question. 

Provisional Year End function 

This new provisional mode option gives organisations more control over year-end. No longer do you have to wait for the auditors to give the green light before running a ‘once-and-for-all’ process. Instead, you can create and update a provisional version at any time within the system, and subsequently close it when you are ready.

If a requirement for further adjustment is flagged up after close, the undo function makes it easy to rectify it. 

The new functionality is only available to users who have upgraded to Unit4 Financials 2020 / Continuously Release (previously known as Version 15). Under this latest software version, users have a choice of two modes for running a year end: provisional or full.

Undo Year End function 

The new undo year end feature in Unit4 Financials Continuous Release is a further useful addition to the system’s functionality. It means you can now undo both provisional and full year ends. 

When activated, the undo function cancels all year end journals posted to the final period for the latest year in which a year end has been run, as well as to the opening period of the following year. If a full year end is undone, then the minimum year will be reset to the previous year. 

Benefits for finance teams 

The new provisional mode gives finance officers a much greater degree of flexibility in the timing of their year end process. 

Previously, launching the year end process always meant closing the year, which in turn generally meant the process could not be triggered unless and until the auditors had completed their final checks. Now, you have the option of running a report at any time of your choosing. As well as being a useful internal resource for finance, there may also be wider situations where the ability to rapidly generate a provisional year end will be useful, such as updating the executive team or providing information to external stakeholders. 

Furthermore, year end close traditionally meant that the accounts for the year in question were locked down for further adjustments. The undo year end function provides a useful failsafe measure: if a discrepancy is discovered further down the line, you have the option of rectifying it quickly and easily. 

Watch these new functions in action 

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