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Ensure your banking technology infrastructure is robust, efficient and future-proof with our comprehensive Murex Systems Review/Health Check. By fully leveraging Murex, addressing technology challenges and optimising your operations, you can achieve significant improvements in performance, compliance and efficiency.

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Are you making optimum use of Murex?

Our in-depth review will reveal the answer and guide you toward maximising your investment. With a detailed assessment and strategic recommendations, we enable you to thrive in today’s dynamic financial landscape.

Our Systems Review is a meticulous evaluation designed to enhance performance and maximise the benefits of your Murex investment. This assessment spans a wide array of technological solutions and services crucial to modern banking, addressing the pressing challenges of 2024, such as data modelling, SaaS, cybersecurity threats, regulatory compliance and digital transformation.

Key objectives:

Maximising Murex Utilisation: Ensure Murex is being fully leveraged.

Operational Efficiency: Optimise business processes and technical setups.

Performance Enhancement: Identify and implement system performance improvements.

Strategic Recommendations: Offer actionable insights for short, medium, and long-term enhancements.

How it works:

Provisional itinerary

We arrange a provisional itinerary with you and agree a convenient date to conduct the review. The review requires access to key stakeholders from your Finance and IT teams and can be conducted on-site or remotely depending on individual requirements.


The duration of the review depends on Murex's complexity and scope of utilisation, typically ranging from 1 week to 3 months.

The report

The report provides options to make greater use of the software’s functionality, improve business processes, reporting, integration and increase user knowledge. It also provides the information necessary to deliver support and create a project plan if required.

Murex Market Snapshot: 2024 Pressures

In 2024, global banks face critical pressures necessitating optimal Murex use. Our Systems Review addresses these issues:

  • AWS adoption: Optimise cloud infrastructure for efficiency and cost reduction, achieving faster time-to-market and enhanced security.
  • Enterprise market risk: Upgrade risk management frameworks to meet increasing regulatory scrutiny and market complexity.
  • OTC Derivatives Reporting: Enhance compliance systems for quick adaptation to evolving regulations and cost minimisation.
  • Basel 3 Compliance: Implement regulatory systems to meet tight deadlines and avoid penalties.
  • Murex Cloud Solutions: Utilize cloud scalability and innovation to drive digital transformation and control costs.
  • Carbon Trading Initiatives: Expand capabilities to support sustainability, emphasising ESG criteria and green initiatives.
  • Integrated Platform Benefits: Streamline operations for improved efficiency and rapid market response.
  • Market Risk Solutions Leadership: Enhance risk strategies to stay competitive and manage risks proactively.
  • Preparing Clients for LIBOR Discontinuation: Update contracts, pricing, and risk models using automation for compliance, ensuring a smooth transition.

By addressing these 2024 pressures, our Systems Review ensures Murex optimisation and aligns your bank with the latest industry standards and best practices, positioning you for long-term success in a rapidly evolving financial environment.

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