Moving to the Cloud

Moving your operations to the Cloud provides your business with improved scalability, flexibility and performance – not to mention cost savings.

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Transform your Unit4 Financials by Coda system and take it to the next level by migrating to Unit4 Cloud.

With effect from December 31 2024, on-premises Unit4 Financials by Coda will no longer be supported or maintained.

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High-speed delivery

A quick and effortless journey to the Cloud.

Fixed migration fee

Know exactly what you are paying for upfront – no surprises along the way.

Minimal disruption

A clear onboarding plan, delivered by a team of Cloud migration experts.

Full transparency

Transparent project overview, based on a Cloud Migration Assessment.

Watch the Financials Focus: Your Journey to the Cloud webinar

Learn about the benefits of upgrading to Unit4 Cloud and insights into the process.

The major benefits of moving to Unit4 Cloud

Workforce engagement
Transforms business for future success
Security and reliability
Economy of scale
Scalability and flexibility
Improved customer experience
Aligned product development and innovation

Overview of your journey to the Cloud

Unit4’s migration process builds on your unique customer needs, delivering a fast, effortless, transparent Cloud migration journey. Here’s a step-by-step overview of the Unit4 Cloud Migration journey, explaining how it works.

Step 1:Engaging

Define your needs

Before starting, we’ll work with you to identify the available information you have about your organisation to set your migration project’s initial scope and needs.

Cloud migration assessment

Your Cloud journey begins with a Cloud Migration Assessment. This assessment evaluates your readiness to move to the Cloud, creating a detailed migration proposal with the next steps.

Doing this gives you a complete insight into your current solution environment and a clear path to move to Cloud.

Solution agreement

Following the assessment, we provide you with a clear onboarding plan that includes your migration project with timeframes and responsibilities clearly defined upfront.

Your solution evaluation identifies usage details like:

  • Transactions and intensity overview
  • Number and types of customisations
  • Number and types of interfaces
  • User numbers
  • Processes for non-standard functionality
  • Different module usage

Step 2:Onboarding

Plan and prepare

Kick-off meeting | Future Cloud platform creation | Migration prep


1. Cloud transformation

System upgraded to target release

2. Migrating your solution

Compliance check
Uplift customisations
Perform code review and deploy database

3. User

System test of updated Unit4 system
Ensure critical business processes are running as expected

4.Validation & approval

Support during cutover


Go live

After you go live, you will receive ongoing support from Unit4. However, if you require help with services such as quarterly testing or level 2 & level 3 support, come and talk to us about Millennium+

Tailored packages to suit your Unit4 Financials by Coda needs

The Millennium+ package can be tailored to each customer’s requirements and can incorporate any number of our non-core service desk offerings. As part of this latest offering, we now provide a calculator to allow you to calculate a real-time cost estimate for all of your Unit4 Financials by Coda Services supported via Millennium+.

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