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Millennium’s Systems Review are designed to help you identify areas where you may be able to improve performance and ensure you extract the maximum benefit from your investment in Unit4 ERPx.

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As with most applications, ERP users rarely take full advantage of the functionality available to them. A system review provides the ideal opportunity to identify where changes can be made to enhance performance and ensure the application is being used to maximise its potential.

Undertaken by one of our Senior Consultants, the review assesses your system’s current technical setup, business processes and operational efficacy. The findings of this analysis are then documented, and any recommendations made are categorised as short, medium- and long-term, dependent on the ease of their implementation.

How it works:

Provisional itinerary

We arrange a provisional itinerary with you and agree a convenient date to conduct the review. The review requires access to key stakeholders from your Finance and IT teams and can be conducted on-site or remotely depending on individual requirements.


The time needed for the systems review depends on the complexity and which Financials modules are used but typically takes between 2 days and 4 days.

The report

The report provides options to make greater use of the software’s functionality, improve business processes, reporting, integration and increase user knowledge. It also provides the information necessary to deliver support and create a project plan if required.

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