Millennium Consulting launches Millennium+

19th October 2022

We launch Millennium+

Tailored Unit4 Financials packages

Millennium Consulting, an Elite Unit4 Partner for Unit4 Financials announces the launch of Millennium+, tailored packages offering for Unit4 Financials customers.

While Millennium will continue to offer the services and benefits of a traditional desk this new approach is much more extensive. The Millennium+ package can be tailored to each customer’s requirements and can incorporate any number of our non-service desk offerings such as Continuous Release upgrades.

“The launch of Millennium+ is another example of how Millennium Consulting is working toward building unified solutions for our customers to help them grow their businesses and operate more effectively, with cost certainty.”

— Chris Peall Director of Professional Services, Millennium Consulting

As part of this latest offering Millennium now provides a calculator, a tool to gain real-time cost estimate for all your Unit4 Financial services.

“For any projects in your architectural landscape that touch on Unit4 Financials, Millennium+ offers a solution. The calculator gives customers full transparency and allows for planned integrations as well as immediate support, all, tailored to suit your business - none of our competitors provide this!”

— Jeremy Lucas, Chief Operating Officer, Millennium Consulting

Find out more about Millennium+

Or register for the upcoming website in which our expert Chris Peall, will share an overview of what Millennium+ is, the benefits and how to use our brand new Millennium+ calculator.