Five Solutions to Streamline your Accounting Process

February 12th, 2021

Even with the power of Unit4 Financials at your fingertips, there are still several ancillary processes that exist within the finance ecosystem that can benefit from greater automation and streamlining.

From invoice matching to document scanning, discover the modules and add-ons that can drive efficiency and reduce operational risk in your finance function.

1. Purchase Order Processing (POP) / Purchase Invoice Matching (PIM)

Unit4 Financials Purchase Order Processing (POP) and Purchase Invoice Matching (PIM) enable you to better understand, control and manage costs.

The modules provide improved invoice matching, budgetary control and cash flow forecasting to help you:

  • Approve costs before incurring them
  • Enhance internal controls
  • Take committed costs into account
  • Consolidate your costs
  • Improve your reporting output

POP and PIM enable you to make better decisions and increase project profitability across your finance function.

2. Billing

Fully integrated with the core Unit4 Financials framework, the Billing module simplifies your invoicing process – removing the need for integrations with third- party billing systems.

The user-defined product catalogue, with individual item characteristics and rules, ensures accurate, complete and up-to- date data in your invoices and general ledger.

You can also easily design invoice templates, define invoice layouts and statements.

The module provides you with:

  • Item Catalogue for Purchasing & Selling
  • Drag and drop functionality to design and customise the layout of screens
  • Configurable data entry screen

3. MBilling Icorp

For firms that require complex functionality (or need to send out high volumes of sales invoices), a comprehensive sales invoicing/ billing solution is essential.

Seamlessly integrated into Unit4 Financials, MBilling powered by Icorp supports high-data volumes and contains powerful billing / sales invoicing functionality – including a comprehensive rules engine, smart algorithms and data bridging.

Transform your accounting processes with intelligent software that can extract information from any source system, reducing operational risk and improving efficiency.

4. Invoice4 Document Scanning & OCR

Transform your approach to the Accounts Payable process with Invoice4, enabling you to receive 100% of your invoices electronically from day one.

By directly receiving purchase invoices (whether paper, PDF, email, XML or EDI), Invoice4 introduces a new starting point. It allows you to view accurate, cleansed electronic invoices from your existing Unit4 Financials system without the need for extensive data entry and associated errors.

Fully integrated and certified, the solution provides the lowest risk and most cost-effective means of capturing purchase invoices, giving you a great head start in processing invoices with the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

5. Digital Invoicing

Digital Invoicing gives you an efficient method for transmitting and storing invoices – streamlining your Sales & Purchasing processes.

It also helps you to reduce the use of paper and the associated costs of printing, shipping and storage.

The module allows you to produce, transmit and store electronic invoices in XML format – giving you greater control over the elements contained in each document.

It provides you with the ability to map and post incoming invoices into Unit4 Financials, while producing XML files from outgoing invoices.

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