June 2022

Unit4 Financials 2022 Q2 Release

Unit4 Financials 2022Q2 was made available on 7th June 2022.

The new release contains all the previous Unit4 Financials functionality and new features. Plus, many additional customer requested fixes, highlighting the importance of logging enhancements via Unit4’s Community 4U.

Highlights of the release include:


  • Browse Transactions
  • Statement Processing


  • Billing Browse


  • Client Secret


  • Customiser
  • Print Formatter
  • Workflow Designer
  • XL for Finance and Procurement
  • Removed feature – XL Scheduler

General Fixes/Updates

  • The AppParams WebService no longer fails with the error “Invalid document version”.
  • Customiser now allows the height to be changed for the comment object on an account summary.
  • In Generic Browse ‘Select all lines’ is no longer limited to the current page.
  • Customiser can now open customisations when container managed authentication is used.
  • Webservices licence is no longer required for Print Formatter and Workflow Designer.
  • Metadata upgrade now sets the object definition key type correctly.
  • Performance has been improved in Billing Browse when opening sales invoices with a large number lines.
  • Billing can now issue/reissue invoices without attachments, when ‘Send related attachments’ is set on the output device master.
  • Authorising an element with an attachment no longer fails with a database deadlock.
  • Budget Check and Commitments are now calculated correctly for companies with Financial Periods not matching calendar months.
  • WebServices/XMLi has been has been changed to disallow an unbalanced match when matching and using commit.
  • Element Template number ranges are now set correctly when using copy company and using the target save function across companies.
  • Element authorisation now can handle more than 10 left or right list entries.
  • Bank reconciliation no longer loses the selected status on rows when ‘Include selected’ is used.
  • Pay write now handles values with more than 2 decimal places correctly.
  • Pay write now handles very high values correctly.
  • Drill down to commitments from Browse Balance now returns data correctly.
  • Element Table Link has been changed to handle larger volumes of updates without having an ‘out of memory’ error.
  • ITK can now handle extracting and transforming larger volumes of data.
  • Punchout no longer fails when an invalid lead time is received.

The Release Notes detailing the fixes and features within this release can be found in the Documentation area on Unit4’s Community 4U.

Read here to find out when Financials updates are scheduled for 2022, along with important information for legacy V13 and V14 users.

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