Unit4 Financials by Coda 2023 Q4 was made available on 5th December 2023.

The new release contains all the previous Unit4 Financials functionality and new features. Plus, many additional customer requested fixes, highlighting the importance of logging enhancements via Unit4’s Community 4U.

Highlights of the 2023 Q4 release include:


  • Session Cleaner
    • The periodic Session Cleaner now deletes session data attributed to sessions that no longer exist, this prevents the accumulation of data which impacts performance problems at logoff.
  • Print Formatter
    • Print Formatter now requires .NET Framework 4.8.
    • Print Formatter now makes use of TLS 1.3.
  • Workflow Designer
    • Workflow Designer now requires .NET Framework 4.8.
    • Workflow Designer now makes use of TLS 1.3


  • Billing Invoices
    • When posting invoices from Billing to Financials, it is now possible to exclude zero value lines. This is an optional setting on the document master in Billing.


  • Company Master
    • You are now able to map the Finance Summary line and Analysis line accounts for use in Electronic Invoicing. These parameters will be used in the future by the new Electronic Invoicing functionality.
  • Element Master
    • You are now able to map the AccountingSupplierParty for use in Electronic Invoicing. If the ‘Matchable element’ option is set to ‘Customer/Supplier’, the Electronic Invoicing tab becomes available. These parameters will be used in the future by the new Electronic Invoicing functionality.
  • Print Invoices
    • If you select or deselect Add PDF as primary attachment in the Printing options screen, your choice will now be saved as a User Preference for the logged-on company.

Structured Output:

  • UBL 2.1 Credit Note Transformation
    • A new UBL 2.1 Transformation Type is available for Credit Notes on the Manipulation master. The UBL 2.1 Transformation XML is validated against the UBL 2.1 credit note schema.
  • UBL 2.1 Transformation Invoice
    • The UBL 2.1 Transformation (for invoice generation) now has an extended vocabulary list and the Business terms reference (E.g. BT-22) has been added to the target vocabulary as an identifier to allow easy correlation to the Peppol documentation.


  • XL Designer now requires .NET Framework 4.8.
  • XL Designer now makes use of TLS 1.3
  • Deprecated features:
    • The .NET router has been deprecated. The final release has not been determined.
    • 32-bit XL is deprecated. We recommend the use of 64-bit XL.

The Message Board feature in Administration is deprecated. It will be removed in a future release.

General Fixes/Updates:

  • It is now possible to enter and save strings with the ‘+’ character, eg +44 12345678 when using Text fields in Print Formats
  • The sample workflow definition for the approval of tax lines on finance documents ‘APPROVETAXL’ has been updated to correct an error on its definition.
  • An empty ElementResponsiblilityCurCode in UserMaster Get response no longer triggers a schema validation error.
  • Modifying a scheduled task no longer incorrectly changes the next tun time of that task.
  • The Scheduled Task Parameters are now properly validated when the Financials Group Company has been changed or when the task is enabled or disabled.
  • Flexi-field vocabulary specified in a selector master is no longer ignored when running Print Invoices as a scheduled task.
  • Any vocabulary that has been removed will now be deleted from the standard metadata when imported as part of the upgrade process. Previously this could cause the metadata import to fail.
  • The username is correctly recorded when an asset is changed, by running depreciation for example. This change will also be reflected in the Audit Trail process.
  • Asset Depreciation has been corrected to run for the companies specified in the selector master, it will only run for the companies the user has access to. i.e. companies specified on their user master.
  • Attachments using a ‘Base URL’ can now be posted to the finance document using Journal Loader in the XL for Finance add-in. The filename path has now been corrected.
  • Mandatory flexi-field transaction line data no longer causes an error when generating tax and balancing lines in input.
  • When posting documents via web services, document master books checking for intray documents is now respected, some poor error messages have been corrected and the CheckPostWithoutTemplate service has been brought into line with Post service behavior.
  • Workflow can now be postponed for recurring documents, when the “Request confirmation before starting workflow” option is checked on the Document Master.
  • The modification date is now consistently updated on oas_payline.moddate.
  • Within Matching, when a partial payment is made, any previously selected lines are still selected upon successful completion of the operation.
  • Adding or updating element banks via the Set function of ElementMasterService no longer populates blank fields with random symbols and characters.
  • Assisted Element – Element long name is no longer truncated when copied from Element name.
  • In Invoice matching the account code is no longer being overwritten when regenerating tax for an invoice that has had its authorisation status reset.
  • It is now possible to match a negative order that has been received, to a Credit Note in Purchase Invoice Matching.
  • In Structured Output, amending a process master to Output type SFTP no longer causes a connection failure error.
  • Additional vocabulary has been made available for selectors and presenter in XL, this includes reconciliation date and reconciliation user.

Further details on the new features, security updates and reported issues can be found in the release documentation.

Release dates for Cloud users

Unit4 Cloud customers are notified by Unit4 Cloud support when their pre-production and production systems will be updated. This information can also be found within the Cloud Services – Release Schedules area. View the 2023 Cloud Schedule here.

The Release Notes detailing the fixes and features within this release can be found in the Documentation area on Unit4’s Community 4U.

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With effect from December 31 2024, on-premises Unit4 Financials by Coda will no longer be supported or maintained.

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