March 2023

Unit4 Financials by Coda 2023 Q1 was made available on 14 March 2023.

The new release contains all the previous Unit4 Financials functionality and new features. Plus, many additional customer requested fixes, highlighting the importance of logging enhancements via Unit4’s Community 4U.

Highlights of the 2023 Q1 release include:


  • User Master


  • Element Authorisation
  • Pay Format Files
  • Deprecated features


General Fixes/Updates

  • Information about the version of a Desktop Application has now been updated to refer to the About option on the application menu.
  • The Browse Worklist link has been corrected in the workflow alert email, the link now opens Browse Worklist.
  • Metadata Dataview – It is now possible to add new attributes when editing dataview joins.
  • Resolved an intermittent logon issue in Workflow Designer and Print Formatter.
  • Functional errors (with stack trace) generated in webservices are no longer output to the container log.
  • Out of memory errors when exporting data have now been fixed as part of general improvements to state handling.
  • The Installation Requirements have been updated to explain how to get Java 11 to print the same separators as Java 8 for certain locales (for example Swiss French).
  • If a cost centre transfer fails to post (for example – when period access is closed), the asset is no longer kept locked.
  • All rows in Billing Browse are selected when using the ‘Select All’ check box.
  • Restricted tax lists set on finance document masters are now enforced in Intray Management and Browse Intray.
  • Header only documents on the Intray can now be retrieved for modification and deletion in Intray Management and Browse Intray.
  • An original user can now modify and post back to the intray (but not to the books) a document whose “Prevent posting to books by original user” flag is set.
  • Column recnum on tables ‘oas_elmhistory’, ‘oas_inthist’, ‘oas_lethist’ and ‘oas_prlhist’ has been increased in size from smallint to int to minimise accidental rollover.
  • XL will reauthenticate when the current session expires.
  • Reduced the memory usage in the CSV Transformation and the Repository Output.
  • Security of attachments has been improved

The Release Notes detailing the fixes and features within this release can be found in the Documentation area on Unit4’s Community 4U.


Release dates for Cloud users

Unit4 Cloud customers are notified by Unit4 Cloud support when their pre-production and production systems will be updated. This information can also be found within the Cloud Services – Release Schedules area. View the 2023 Cloud Schedule here.

The Release Notes detailing the fixes and features within this release can be found in the Documentation area on Unit4’s Community 4U.

Upgrading Financials is not merely about accessing the new functionality that comes with a new software release. It is also about mitigating technology, operational, and business risk.
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